7 Ways To Keep Drinks Hot In A Hydro Flask For Longer

Hydro Flasks are able to keep drinks hot for up to 12+ hours but there are some little things that you can do that will help your Hydro Flask bottle to keep drinks hotter for longer.

Follow the tips below so you can enjoy your hot tea or warm coffee throughout the entire day.

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Some of these tips are simple and straightforward and are pretty obvious, while some of them are less obvious but also quite effective.

Use these tips in conjunction with each other for the best results.

1. Pre-Heat The Inside of the Bottle

Generally speaking stainless steel is quite cool to touch when it is kept at room temperature.

When you pour a hot beverage into a cold stainless steel bottle the cold stainless steel will instantly take heat out of the beverage in order to warm itself up.

Before you fill up your Hydro Flask with your drink of choice fill it up with boiling water first and let it sit for 20 seconds or so and then tip out the boiling water.

This will warm up the stainless steel on the inside of the bottle. Now you can pour in your beverage and the stainless steel won't take away any of the heat.

I work part time in an espresso bar and we make sure we do this all the time when people bring in their keep cups or stainless steel insulated cups. We use hot water to warm up the cup, then tip out the hot water before pouring the coffee into the cup.

This ensures the cup doesn't steal heat from the coffee and the customer gets the best experience possible.

2. Use a Larger Quantity of Liquid

The more hot liquid you have in your bottle the longer it will stay hot. This is because more energy needs to be lost to reduce the temperature of the entire drink.

This may be hard to do if you like a specific amount of coffee/tea to water ratio but sometimes filling it up extra even if you're not going to drink it can be worth it to ensure you have a hot drink when you need it.

Pro Tip: Fill It Up With Hot Water and Only Add The Tea/Coffee When Needed

If you're filling up your Hydro Flask for tea or coffee to drink later in the day and you won't be sipping it throughout the day you could fill up your Hydro Flask to the top with boiling water.

Then when you're ready to drink tip out the water you don't need then add your coffee or tea or whatever so you get the perfect ratio for you.

3. Standard Mouth Bottles Keep Drinks Hotter Than Wide Mouth

The place where the most heat escapes your Hydro Flask is through the lid.

Standard Mouth bottles have a smaller lid when compared to Wide Mouth bottles and this means there is less room for heat to escape.

The way the thread on the lid works also means the Standard Mouth lids are thicker and better at insulating when compared to a Wide Mouth lid.

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4. Use an Insulating Pouch

Hydro Flask sell pouches but you can also get other insulated pouches and slings that add an extra level of insulation to your water bottle and help your drinks to stay hotter even longer.

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5. The Hotter The Better

The hotter your drink starts at the longer it's going to take to cool down to room temperature.

So if you want your drink to stay hotter for longer then start with a hotter drink.

Pour the water into your Hydro Flask straight away once the jug boils (make sure to pre-heat the inside of your bottle first).

By waiting a bit after the jug boils before you pour the water you are losing heat and your drink will start of colder and reach room temperature faster.

6. Keep The Lid Closed

This is a kind of obvious tip but is something I think is worth stating.

We all know that “heat rises” and if the lid is off then you're allowing all of that warm air to escape out of your Hydro Flask and you're allowing the colder air of your environment to get into your bottle and cool your drink down.

So whenever you're not drinking make sure to close up your lid and if you do your drink will stay hotter for longer.

7. Keep It Out of Cold Environments

While Hydro Flasks are heavily insulated and the vacuum seal works well to either keep heat out (for cold drinks) or keep heat in (for warm drinks) the outside environment does still play a role on how long the bottles can keep drinks hot for.

Keeping your Hydro Flask out of extremely cold environments will help it to keep drinks hotter for longer.

Don't put your Hydro Flask in the fridge/freezer if you're trying to keep your drink hot or don't put it in the ice or directly in the cold wind. Tuck it in a cosy place in your backpack of your sling and keep it as warm as possible.

What To Do If Your Hydro Flask Isn't Keeping Drinks Hot

If your Hydro Flask is struggling to keep drink hot for a decent period of time then you may have an issue with your bottle. Maybe it's lost it's vacuum seal and it's ability to insulate.

There are ways you can check this and this is covered by warranty so it's worth sorting out and getting fixed or replaced. Hydro Flask bottles come with a lifetime warranty.

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