Can You Put A HydroFlask In The Fridge/Freezer? Plus Other Common Questions

HydroFlasks are popular water bottles that are rugged and feature double walled vacuum insulation to keep your drinks all day.

Can You Refrigerate a HydroFlask?

HydroFlasks have double walled vacuum sealed insulation. Can you refrigerate them, does it work and will you damage your HydroFlask by doing this?

Yes you can refrigerate HydroFlask bottles and it will not damage them. However, the same insulating properties that keep your drinks cold will stop your drinks from getting cold in your HydroFlask in the fridge.

HydroFlask bottles are made from stainless steel. They have an inner wall and an outer wall and in-between the two walls is a vacuum with no air inside it.

Because most heat needs particles to move through this vacuum keeps out the heat from the outside allowing your drink to stay cool all day.

However, the insulating power also works in the opposite direction.

If you put room temperature water in your HydroFlask and then put it in the fridge the fridge is unable to draw out the heat from your water to make it cold. The vacuum insulation stops the cold from the fridge reaching your water.

For this reason it is best to cool down your water in a separate container and then put it into your HydroFlask when you want to use it. Or use ice to make the water inside your HydroFlask cold.

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Can You Put A HydroFlask In The Freezer?

HydroFlasks are double walled and have a vacuum seal. What happens if you put them in the freezer and does putting them in the freezer damage them?

Some people are concerned about putting their HydroFlask in the freezer, but you don’t have to be.

You can put your HydroFlask in the freezer and it shouldn’t cause any damage to your bottle.

The double walled vacuum sealed insulation will stop the freezer from freezing your drink (unless you leave it in there for days at a time) but it won’t do anything bad to your bottle.

Basically all the freezer will do is chill the outside of your HydroFlask which is metal. When you take it out of the freezer the cold metal may frost over a bit or it will attract condensation and sweat. But then it will just warm up to room temperature again.

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Can You Put Boiling Water in a HydroFlask?

Is it safe to put boiling water inside your HydroFlask and how can you keep the water warm for longer?

Yes, you can put boiling water in a HydroFlask. HydroFlasks are made of 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel and they can withstand boiling temperatures without getting damaged. The insulation in the HydroFlask will help to keep your water close to boiling for hours.

Quick tip to keep your boiling water hotter in your HydroFlask:

First pour some boiling water into your HydroFlask and leave for a little bit then tip out. This will warm up the stainless steel on the inside of your bottle.

Then pour fresh boiling water into your bottle and put the lid on immediately.

Pouring boiling water into a HydroFlask that hasn’t been preheated means the water will get colder faster.

Are HydroFlask Bottles Dishwasher Proof?

Unfortunately no, HydroFlask bottles are NOT dishwasher proof which HydroFlask clearly state on their website.

The reason HyrdroFlasks are not dishwasher safe is that the heat and water pressure of the dishwasher can compromise the vacuum seal of the HydroFlask, letting air in.

Once air gets into the vacuum seal the bottle effectively looses it’s insulating ability and won’t be able to keep drinks cold or hot for as long anymore.

Some HydroFlask lids are top rack dishwasher safe, but none of the bottles or cups themselves are.

HydroFlask recommend that you hand wash them in warm or cold water and they also advise not to soak them in water for long periods of time.

Yeti bottles on the other hand are dishwasher safe. Even though they have a similar design and use the same insulating technology Yeti bottles are manufactured in such a way that they can be washed in the dishwasher.

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How To Get Dents Out of Your HydroFlask

With a regular stainless steel bottle you can get dents out by heating up the bottle and applying pressure from the inside to push the wall of the bottle back out.

Unfortunately, given that HydroFlask bottles are double walled you cannot use this method to get dents out of your HydroFlask.

This means that for a normal person it is not possible to remove dents from a HydroFlask bottle without risking compromising the insulating ability of the bottle.

How Long Do HydroFlask Bottles Last?

HydroFlask bottles are designed to be so strong, so durable, so resistant to breaking that they are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

HydroFlasks should last as long as you do. They are made with 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel with shouldn’t rust or break and their insulating ability comes from a vacuum between the two walls of the bottle.

There is no time span that HydroFlasks should last for and they shouldn’t lose their insulating ability over time. If they have lost their insulating ability this is generally due to a compromise in the vacuum and you should return your HydroFlask to be replaced.

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Does Ice Melt In A HydroFlask?

Yes ice does melt in a HydroFlask, however due to the double wall vacuum insulation a HydroFlask bottle will keep ice for approximately 24 hours, even in warm weather.

The vacuum seal prevents most heat from moving from the outside air into your bottle warming up the ice. However, a small amount of heat does get through which over time warms up your ice and makes it melt.

Also, if you put room temperature water into your HydroFlask and then put ice in it the water will melt your ice much faster than if you just put ice in your HydroFlask. This is because the warm room temperature water transfers heat into the ice melting it.

Do HydroFlasks Sweat?

HydroFlasks do NOT sweat like normal stainless steel bottles do which means they won’t be cold on your hands and they won’t leak any water on your desk, in your bag or wherever else you store them.

Regular stainless steel bottles sweat when they have cold drinks in them because the stainless steel gets cold and then the air condenses onto your bottle forming little droplets of water.

On a HydroFlask there is an inner and outer stainless steel wall. The inner wall gets cold but there is a vacuum between the inner wall and the outer wall which stops almost all heat transfer.

This means that the outer wall will not get cold even if you fill up your HydroFlask with just ice.

Because the outer wall doesn’t get cold it will remain at room temperature and therefor will not cause condensation of the air and will not sweat.

The only time a HydroFlask will sweat is if you put it in the fridge or the freezer which will cool down the outer wall. When you take it out of the fridge/freezer it will sweat a little bit until the outer wall warms up to room temperature again.

The same thing can happen if you’re using your HydroFlask outside in the cold and then bring it inside to a warm house.

But this sweating should be minor and it won’t last for long.

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Can You Put Stickers On a HydroFlask?

There is no reason why you can’t put stickers on a HydroFlask bottle. The stickers will not damage stainless steel, nor will they affect the insulating ability of the bottle.

In some rare cases where your HydroFlask bottle is powder coated with a particular color the stick may pull off some of the paint when you remove it.

However, this is highly unlikely. What is more likely is that you use something sharp or metal to scratch off the sticker and you happen to scratch off the paint also revealing the stainless steel underneath.

Do Yeti Lids Fit HydroFlasks?

Yeti bottles are very similar to HydroFlask in a lot of different ways.

Yeti lids DO NOT fit HydroFlask bottles. Yeti bottles have a slightly wider opening to HydroFlask bottles and larger HydroFlask lids have the screw thread on the inside of the lid whereas Yeti lids have the screw thread on the outside. So even if they were exactly the same size they wouldn’t be compatible.

Both HydroFlask and Yeti have a variety of different lids available for their bottles and both brands have different sized lids for different sized bottles. Make sure you get the correct lid for the bottle you have.

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