7 Best Hydro Flask Cup Holder Adapters: Fits 32 + 40 oz

Hydro Flask 32 oz and 40 oz bottles are just too wide to fit in any regular cup holder. But you can get a hydro flask cup holder adapter that turns your ordinary cup holder into a large cup holder wide enough to fit your Hydro Flask bottle.

This means you can easily access your Hydro Flask bottle in the car and even lead the lid off so you can drink water on your commute. No more having your bottle roll around on the floor.

Given the 32 oz and 40 oz are some of the most popular Hydro Flask sizes it makes sense you might want to be able to fit them in your car’s cup holder.

The best Hydro Flask cup holder adapter is the PFCC Cup Holder Expander as it has an adjustable base to fit tight in your cup holder and rubber tabs to hold your Hydro Flask bottle in tight.

There are a lot of different Hydro Flask cup holder expanders and adapters out there. None of them are made by the brand Hydro Flask themselves but are made by other brands.

They can also be used for other large bottles and some of them are even big enough to hold a cup of noodles for you while you drive.

Before getting one of these click here to see if your Hydro Flask will fit in a cup holder.

Here’s my list of the best Hydro Flask cup holder adapters:

1. PFCC Cup Holder Expander with Adjustable Base

The PFCC Cup Holder Expander is the best adapter for the larger Hydro Flasks for a couple of reasons.

Firstly the base at the bottom expands out or shrinks in based on how large the cup holder in your car is. This ensure a tight fit and that your cup holder expander won’t fall out of your cup holder even with a full Hydro Flask in it.

To adjust simply twist the bottom to expand or twist the other way to retract.

It also features a rubberized top with tabs on the inside that help to firmly hold your Hydro Flask bottle in place.

So when you go around corners or speed up or slow down suddenly your bottle won’t fall out of the cup holder.

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  • Base expands to perfect size for your cup holder, reduces the chance of it falling out
  • Rubber tabs on the top help hold your Hydro Flask in
  • Spot for a mug handle


  • Hydro Flask can be extremely difficult to remove sometimes

2. SMART KUP: Simple and Strong

The Smart Kup is a simpler design than the PFCC and there is nothing really fancy about it.

It has a small base that can fit into any standard car cup holder. The base has 2 slightly different widths which allow it to fit tight into smaller cup holders or larger deeper ones too.

The top is designed to be large enough to fit a 32 oz and 40 oz Hydro Flask bottle but it also has a gap in the side of you want to take your coffee mug with you in the car.

While this Hydro Flask bottle adapter doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other brands it has no moving parts and thus is less likely to break.

The top and bottom can also be unscrewed if required.

It does the job of allowing you to fit a large Hydro Flask in your car cup holder and that’s why it comes in near the top of this list.

It’s also super affordable.

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  • Affordable
  • No moving parts so unlikely to break
  • Spot for mug handle
  • Fits multiple sizes of cup holders


  • Base may not fit snuggly into all cup holders

3. Stand-Bi Car Cup Holder Expander Plus Phone Holder

The Stand Bi is a bit of a personal favorite of mine because I’m often looking for a spot to put my phone in between choosing songs.

It is a cup holder adapter that is wide enough to fit your Hydro Flask bottle but it also has an extra compartment which you could use for your phone but you could also use it for your keys, wallet, coin or anything else you need a place for.

It also comes with a base place for a desk, spike for the beach but neither of these I would personally use.

There is also a foam sleeve so you can expand the bottom to fit into larger cup holders.

This one has a very high customer rating on Amazon with most people rating it 5-stars and it’s well priced for what you get.

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  • Fits large cups/bottles
  • Has a spot for your phone
  • Simple construction


  • No gap for mugs with handles
  • Spike/desk stand are mostly useless

4. Expander 360 Cup Holder Expander

The Expander 360 is a unique design where it can actually turn a single cup holder into 2 cup holders and can expand out to fit all sorts of sized bottles, cups, mugs and even bowls of noodles.

It goes from 3-6 inches (7.5-15cm) in diameter and comes with stick on buffer tabs so you can make it just the right size for your cup holder.

The 32 oz and 40 oz Hydro Flasks are 3.58 inches (9.09 cm) in diameter but this one will even fit the 64 oz and 128 oz Oasis Hydro Flasks which are 5.8 inches (14.73 cm) in diameter.

So if you have one of the super large Hydro Flasks then this is the cup holder adapter for you.

The downside is that it is a bit flimsy and large tall water bottles might fall over.

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  • Expands large enough for the widest Hydro Flask
  • Can turn 1 cup holder into 2
  • Rotates for perfect positioning
  • Can also hold phones and tablets


  • A bit flimsy
  • Not great for holding large tall bottles or tumblers

5. The Ledge Extra Large Cup Holder

Rather than adapting an already existing cup holder of your car into a bigger one The Ledge adds a cup holder to the door of your car.

It slots into the gap between the car door and the window and can be used for both the front and back seats.

It’s 5 inches deep and designed to be wide enough to hold big cups and Hydro Flasks without them falling out.

Installing this can be a bit tricky in some cars but it seems once it’s in place it fits tight and won’t get knocked out easily by speed bumps or sharp terms.

It’s also made locally in the USA, not overseas, which is important to a lot of people especially since the coronavirus in 2020.

This product doesn’t fit all cars but when it fits properly people really like them.

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  • Creates a new cup holder space in your car
  • Sturdy once installed
  • Fits large cups and bottles
  • Doesn’t fall out easily


  • Can be tricky to install
  • Plastic can be too thick for some window door jams
  • Can be a bit bulky

6. Iokone Side Pocket Console

This Hydro Flask cup holder adapter for you car squeeze in between your center console and your seat and gives you 2 wide cup holders and a center storage unit for you phone, wallet or other things.

The cup holders have staggered sizing so it can fit larger and smaller Hydro Flasks as well as different sized bottles, cups and cans.

The downside of this is that it doesn’t fit perfectly in all cars. Some car seats (like mine sadly) are too close to the center console so it takes over the chair. While others are too far apart so it doesn’t stay in properly.

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  • 2 cup holders that fit both large and small cups/bottles
  • Center section for phones, coins etc


  • Doesn’t work in all cars
  • Sticks out into the passenger seat which can be annoying

7. Smart Flask Car Cup Adapter

The Smart Flask Car Cup Adapter is pretty similar to the Smart Kup mentioned above with a couple of little improvements making it even better for some people.

It has a foam rubber sleeve that can go on the bottom of it so it fits more snugly into larger car cup holders. This helps to stop it from falling out.

It also has a fitting ring that can go on the top of the cup holder making it a slightly tighter fit so you bottle won’t tip out when it’s completely full.

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  • Foam base makes it fit more firmly into cup holders


  • Some people have reported it being unstable