How Many Hydro Flasks Should I Drink A Day?

Hydro Flasks are a great way to encourage you to drink more nice cold water, but how many Hydro Flasks should you drink per day and how much water should you be consuming?

I recently got Hydro Flasks for myself and my kids and I am finding that we are all loving them and drinking more water as a result. I need to stay on top of the ice in the freezer to make sure there is enough for everyone to constantly have their Hydro Flask filled and cold.

I wanted to know how much water we should be drinking and how many filled Hydro Flasks are needed to reach that goal

If you have a 32 oz Hydro Flask you should be drinking 1.6 bottles in order to drink the “8 cups a day” many people recommend. For a 20 oz you need 3.2 bottles and for a 24 oz you need 2.7 bottles. However, it's not agreed upon that you NEED to drink 8 cups of water per day so how many Hydro Flasks you need to drink may vary.

How Much Water Should You Be Drinking Per Day

The first step to answer this question is to work out how much water should you be drinking per day. This is likely going to be different for adults and children.

There is much contention about how much water you need to drink per day.

Many health professional state 8 glasses or about half a gallon (2 liters) per day while others say to drink when you're thirsty.

The below Healthcare Triage video provides a great summary of the science behind how much water you should be drinking.

Apparently this myth started from the 1945 Food and Nutrition Board recommendation, where they recommended adults drink 2.5 liters of water per day.

Turns out there is no real scientific proof that drinking extra water has real health benefits.

There is no formal recommendations for how much water people should drink.

However, I do believe it's better to be drinking water when you're thirsty than soda's or other calorie latent beverages.

How Many Hydro Flasks Should You Be Drinking Per Day

The answer to this question is: It depends!

It depends on the size of your Hydro Flask, how old you are, what size you are, the climate and where you live and how much water you want to be drinking.

But some of you may want to aim for 8 cups per day so how many Hydro Flasks do you need to drink per day to get your 8 glasses of water?

Below is a table showing how many Hydro Flasks you should be drinking each day for certain goal drinking amounts. We are assuming that each “cup” is 8 oz (327 mL)

Size Hydro Flask4 Cups/Day8 Cups/Day1 Gal/Day
12 oz2.75.310.7
16 oz248
18 oz1.83.67.1
20 oz1.63.26.4
21 oz1.536.1
24 oz1.32.75.3
25 oz1.32.65.1
32 oz124
40 oz0.81.63.2
64 oz0.512
128 oz0.250.51

Get Yourself a Hydro Flask

Hydro Flasks are a great way to help yourself drink more water and they can keep water ice cold for up to 24+ hours.

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