Do Hydro Flask Ever Have Sales? YES, Here’s Where

Hydro Flask are great water bottles but they are expensive. A quick search around the internet and you'll find that it's rare and difficult to find Hydro Flasks on sale. Do Hydro Flask ever have sales?

The answer is yes they do have sales. But when are these sales? How long do they last and what sort of discounts on Hydro Flasks can you get?

Hydro Flask periodically has sales on their own website where you can get 25% of their products. They also have allowed promotional periods (like Black Friday) where stores can sell their products at a discount as well as discontinued colors that stores are allowed to discount.

Why Are Hydro Flask Sales So Rare?

It seems like stores around the country and around the world are constantly running sales on different products where you can get huge discounts up to 50%.

But it seems really rare for Hydro Flasks to ever go on sale and when they do the discounts are pretty lousy. You might get 5% off or $5 off a bottle, but never the 50% kind of sale you want to see.

So why are Hydro Flask sales so rare?

It seems the reason Hydro Flask sales are so rare is because the company is able to tightly control what their products are sold for and how much stores are allowed to discount their products.

They do this by only working with authorized dealers, having a “minimum advertised price” that they are allowed to market their products at and likely through providing stores with slimmer margins than other products (though I can't confirm that).

Hydro Flasks Only Works With Authorized Dealers and no E-Commerce Stores

Authentic Hydro Flasks are only sold through authorized dealers and the company makes sure that they partner with reputable retail stores that are going to maintain the quality of their brand as well as their pricing.

They don't just allow anyone to sell their products. You have to apply to be a Hydro Flask dealer and abide by their rules if you want to continue selling their products.

They also seem to only work with brick and mortar stores except under exceptional circumstances.

On their dealer page they say:

We are not currently opening any e-commerce dealers

Hydro Flask Has a Minimum Advertised Price

Hydro Flask also have a minimum advertised price (also known as a MAP). This is the lowest price their dealers are allowed to advertise their products for.

This stops dealers advertising Hydro Flasks for large discounts because it's actually illegal for them to do so.

This is why when you see super cheap Hydro Flasks online they are almost always fakes.

They Likely Have Tight Margins

A lot of the products you see in stores have huge markups and huge margins.

Stores will often mark up the cost price of their product 100% or even 200% plus.

This means if you're buying something for $50 the store likely paid $25 or less for the product. This allows them to discount up to 50% without losing money.

My guess is that the cost price of Hydro Flask bottles to retailers has a smaller margin

Do Hydro Flask Ever Have Sales On Their Website?

The good news is that sales still exist for Hydro Flask and the company actually often has sales on their own website.

If you go to the Hydro Flask sales page you can see the products that are currently on sale.

This is usually a limited selection and most often it is a discontinued color or product they are trying to sell out of so they can focus on selling their new stock.

But on this page you can get Hydro Flask sales of up to 25%.

Last month when I looked there was only one color of their soft-sided cooler that was on sale and nothing else.

But as I'm writing this article there are SO MANY different sized water bottles on sale.

They's got the most popular size Hydro Flask on sale as well as a bunch of limited edition Hydro Flask bottles and even sales on everything from mugs, to cups to tumblers and even discounts on boot protectors, slips and different Hydro Flask lids.

A variety of cooler colors are also on sale too, and these are expensive products selling for hundreds of dollars – so you can save a great deal of money.

Ultimately there is no way of knowning exactly what is going to be on sale on Hydro Flasks website. You just have to check the site periodically and see what's available.

When Are There Sales on Hydro Flasks?

It can be difficult to know when stores are likely to have sales on Hydro Flasks. It can seem completely random at times.

It would be nice to know when the sales of Hydro Flask products are.

Luckily, I've actually discovered a way you can find out when some of the sales are likely to happen.

Hydro Flask have a “Promotional Periods” page which provides dealers with dates when they are allowed to advertise Hydro Flask bottles below the MAP or the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

They do say on the page that:

The maximum allowable advertised discount is 25% below MSRP during these promotional periods only. 

But they also have “MAP Break Allowances” which are particular colors that are discontinued that dealers are allowed to sell for cheaper than the MAP price.

At the time of writing this the only promotional periods where during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend on the USA and Canada plus in Canada they were also allowed to have Boxing Day sales and discount Hydro Flasks from the 26th-28th December.

Check the page yourself to see when the promotional periods are and the go shopping or look online during these periods and chances are you there will be Hydro Flask sales that you can take advantage of.

Where To Find Hydro Flask Sales All Year Round

Unfortunately there is no website or store that has Hydro Flask sales all year round on new Hydro Flasks.

However, you can get real and authentic Hydro Flasks at discounts of over 50%.

The place to find them is by looking at the used Hydro Flasks section on Ebay.

Ebay is actually a terrible place to buy new Hydro Flask as the sellers on there aren't authorized dealers and most of the new Hydro Flasks on Ebay are fakes.

However, if you search Hydro Flask and then on the drop down menu on the side under the Condition section you can click the box to look at just “used” Hydro Flasks.

The majority of these Hydro Flasks are authentic Hydro Flasks that have been used by people.

Some are damaged and dented, others have minor scratches but there are also some that are in great condition.

When I did this search there were 10,969 results for Hydro Flasks (more of them fake) but only 135 results for used Hydro Flasks and most of them were real.

Click here to jump to the used Hydro Flask listings on Ebay

Some of the listings I saw were incredible.

  • 40oz Hydro Flask selling for just $17.99 (new is around $50)
  • 3 x Hydro Flask bottles for a total of $50 (new would cost about $125)
  • 18 oz white Hydro Flask for $17.50 (I paid around $30 brand new)

And these were undamaged ones!

Some of the ones with dents in them can go for even cheaper, especially if they are sold using an auction not using the Buy It Now pricing.

Maybe an idea to make some money is to buy cheap dented Hydro Flasks and then get the dent out of the Hydro Flask and then resell it.

But yeh, this can be a really smart way to see real Hydro Flasks on sale all year around.

You still need to be careful as some of the listings were fake, but most of them were completely authentic.

Click here to see the used Hydro Flask bottles listed on Ebay