Do Camelbak Water Bottles Fit in Cup Holders?

I love my CamelBak water bottles and I have a few of them. From the Eddy+ with the bite valve that my kids love to the Chute Mag and Podium which are my personal favorites.

If you're looking at purchasing a CamelBak bottle (or you already have one) you might be curious to know whether or not it can fit in your car cup holder.

I like to encourage myself to drink more CamelBak bottles of water each day and one great way to do this is to have water with me whenever I'm driving somewhere.

All CamelBak Podium bottles fit in most standard car cup holders. CamelBak Eddy+ and ChuteMag bottles under 25 oz in capacity will fit in most car cup holders while the 32 oz and 50 oz sizes won't.

Vacuum insulated stainless steel CamelBak bottles under 20 oz in capacity will fit in most car cup holders. The 22-32 oz stainless steel CamelBak bottles will fit in some larger car cup holders while the 40 oz and 60 oz stainless steel water bottles are too large to fit in almost all car cup holders.

Depending on which CamelBak bottle you have and how large your particular car cup holder is will determine whether or not the bottle can fit in your particular car cup holder.

If you have a large CamelBak bottle that is too wide for a standard car cup holder then you can get a car cup holder expander like the Swigzy Car Cup Holder Expander from Amazon. This will allow you to fit 32-64 oz bottles in your car cup holder with ease.

Important Size Considerations

CamelBak bottles come in a variety of sizes as well as different ranges.

You've got their Tritan Renew plastic range which mostly features the Eddy+ and ChuteMag lids. This is the hard colorful plastic bottles that are quite affordable.

Then you've got the Podium series of water bottles which are made from a softer squeezable plastic and designed primarily for bike riders.

Lastly, you've got the dual wall vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle range which will keep your drinks cold for hours at a time.

Each of these type of bottles comes in different sizes and has different diameters. This will determine whether or not they'll fit into most car cup holders.

Most car cup holders are approximately 3.0 inches (7.6 cm) in diameter. Bottles this size or smaller should fit into most car cup holders, while bottles larger than this will only fit in large car cup holders (which only some models of cars have).

Use the tables below to find your particular bottle or to choose one that is thin enough to fit in your car cup holder.

Eddy+ and Chute Mag (Tritan Renew Plastic)

Bottle SizeDiameter
20 oz2.8 inches
25 oz3 inches / 7.6 cm
32 oz3.5 inches / 8.9 cm
50 oz3.7 inches / 9.4 cm

Podium Series

Bottle Type/SizeDiameter
Podium 21 oz2.9 inches / 7.4 cm
Podium 24 oz2.9 inches / 7.4 cm
Podium Chill 21 oz2.9 inches / 7.4 cm
Podium Chill 24 oz2.9 inches / 7.4 cm
Podium Ice 21 oz2.9 inches / 7.4 cm

Stainless Steel Bottles

Bottle Type/SizeDiameter
12 oz Travel Mug2.9 inches / 7.4 cm
17 oz MultiBev3 inches / 7.6 cm
20 oz Cocktail Shaker3 inches / 7.6 cm
20 oz2.76 inches / 7.0 cm
22 oz MultiBev3.1 inches / 7.9 cm
25 oz Diameter3.15 inches / 8.0 cm
32 oz3.15 inches / 8.0 cm
40 oz3.7 inches / 9.4 cm
64 oz4.35 inches / 11.0 cm

I Tested My CamelBak Bottles In A Few Different Cup Holders

While I don't own EVERY CamelBak bottle and I cannot test EVERY car cup holder on the market I do have a couple of smaller CamelBak bottles and I have 4 different cup holders in my car that I was able to test these bottles on.

I've got a 21 oz CamelBak Podium bottle, which is one of CamelBak's thinnest bottles and I've got a 25 oz CamelBak ChuteMag bottle which is taller and wider than the CamelBak Podium.

Small Cup Holder

In the front of my car I've got an after market cup holder that attaches to my air vent (because my car maker didn't think think people would want to drink coffee or water whilst driving).

The cup holder is 2.4-3.15 inches (6-8 cm) in diameter (it expands out for larger cups/bottles) and as you can see below the CamelBak Podium fits in it just fine.

My CamelBak 25 oz ChuteMag however does not quite fit into it. I think because it only expands in one direction and so the cup holder is slightly too narrow for the 25 oz bottle to fit in it.

Larger Middle Console Cup Holder

In the center console of my car is a square-ish cup holder/compartment that is 3.34 x 3.74 inches (8.5 x 9.5 cm) in width.

It's bigger than my cup holder at the front and as you can see both water bottles fit in there fine.

There was a bit of wiggle room for both but especially for the Podium bottle which is thinner.

But there was no risk that the bottles would fall out.

Back Seat Cup Holder

The back of my car has 2 cup holders (one on each side) and these are actually the largest cup holders in my car. However, they do go in on a bit of a weird angle which can make them smaller practically than what their dimensions would have you believe.

Technically it should be wide enough so my Nalgene bottle can fit in my car cup holder, but because of the angle that bottle didn't quite fit.

It's roughly 3.86 inches (9.8 cm) in diameter at the top and as you can see both CamelBak bottles seemed to fit in it just fine.

Door Cup Holder

I have a teeny tiny cup holder in the side of my door which is 2.12 inches (5.4 cm) in diameter and fits basically nothing in it except the thinnest coffee cups.

Neither or these bottles (or any water bottle I've tried) had any chance at all of fitting in this section.

Get a Car Cup Holder Expander For Larger CamelBak Bottles

If you're like me and like to take your larger water bottles with you when you drive (and you don't want it rolling around on the floor) then investing in a car cup holder expander is a really good idea.

These devices go into your small car cup holders and then have a larger top where you can fit big water bottles like CamelBak, Nalgene, Hydro Flask etc.

This device is how I managed to fit my 32 oz Hydro Flask bottle in my car cup holder, despite it being too big for any regular cup holder. And it works great for CamelBak bottles too.

I've purchase a variety of these over the years and I can say 100% that you really want to buy one with the expanding bottom so it can be wedged in really tight and not fall out when you're driving.

I've had it happen that the entire cup holder expander and my bottle went flying through the car when I slammed on the breaks and the expanders with the adjustable bottoms stop this from happening.

I recommend the Swigzy Car Cup Holder Expander from Amazon as it's high quality, has the expanding base and even have a gap on the side which allows you to take regular mugs with you in the car.

Swigzy Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter (Adjustable)

Available in a standard length and long length version this cup holder expander allows you to easily fit large water bottles like Nalgene, Hydro Flask and Yeti bottles into your car cup holder.

The base expands out with a twist allowing it to lock into place and prevent tipping and rubber tabs help hold your water bottle in securely through bumps and turns.

Bottom base can even be offset from the top so it doesn't block adjacent cup holders or so you can stack 2 side by side.

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