Video: Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler Ice Test: How Long Will It Hold Ice?


let's go ahead and start the ice test [Music] so we have our cooler filled to capacity with one can of drink as well as a lot of ice and we're gonna leave it here in the Sun to see how long this can hold ice for temperatures today around 80 degrees here we are at the 1 hour mark we open it up we can see that there's not much ice loss yet at all but the ice is starting to look a bit wetter here we are at the 2 hour mark and if we go ahead and open it up we can see still not a lot of ice loss at all this ice is kind of all stuck together still no water down the bottom yet that I can really see so it's still going strong we've now reached the three hour mark and if we have a look on the inside of the cooler will see that it started to drop down in level a little bit and if we have a dig down on the bottom you see not a lot of water but there's definitely some water down there the ice has started to melt but still going pretty solid at the three hour mark so here we are at the four hour mark it's now 210 in the afternoon this has been sitting in the Sun for four hours straight if we open it up we can see there's still a decent amount of ice in there definitely starting to get a good amount of water in the bottom and the level has dropped a bit but that's a four hour mark we'll be back in two hours for this excel update I will take a quick second to say that this is not a sponsored video common didn't pay me to do this I purchased this myself and wanted to do a nice test on it so I am however I will link up to it in the description down below if you want to grab one for yourself on Amazon that's my affiliate link so if you go through that I do get a small Commission at no extra cost to you so thank you for that also don't forget to subscribe to the channel as we got more ice s coming out and product reviews as well so it's been another 2 hours 6 hours in total kids are home from school now so let's open it up and see how much ice is we can see that there's been a lot of ice melt since we last checked it still quite a lot of ice in there though but pretty slushy now we'll check back again in two hours okay so it's been a full eight hours let's go ahead and check this one and we can see that now it is a lot of water but there's still a lot of ice in there but the can does fall to the bottom still very cold so here we are at the ten hour mark which is much longer than I expected these coolers to last as you can see they're still well it's mostly water but there's still a decent amount of ice in there and it's so cold so it has officially been 12 hours now which is way longer than I thought that this would be able to hold ice for it's nearly 10 o'clock or just after 10 o'clock at night and you can see that there is still a decent amount of ice in here that still really hold that water if I move the ice around you can start to see how thin it is but still a decent amount of ice and it's at 12 hours now much longer than I thought it would last I will be back in the morning to see if it has ice at 6 a.m. so it's now the next morning it's been over 20 hours let's see if this has any ice left in it at all and we can see that it's completely out of ice but the water is still extremely cold so this calm and soft cider cooler was able to hold ice for somewhere between that 12 to 20 hour mark given how cold it was in the morning I expect that it ran out of ice somewhere around 16 or 18 hours so still pretty good performance from such a small cooler with such thin insulation while you here go ahead and check out the video that I did where I do the full review of this cooler look at the price look at all the features and whether or not I actually recommend you get this cooler so go ahead click the video to watch the full review you of this cool up we'll see how the common flip lid which is the hard sided cooler performed