Can You Put Carbonated Drinks In A Yeti Rambler?

If you've got a Yeti Rambler tumbler or bottle you may be wondering whether or not you can put carbonated drinks in it. Is there some reason you can't put carbonated drinks in a Yeti or is it completely fine?

Yes, you can put carbonated drinks in a Yeti Rambler tumbler or bottle without issue. The carbonation will not affect the stainless steel the Yeti is made from and the insulation will help keep your drink cold and fizzy. Just be careful as a buildup of pressure can make the bottles more difficult to open.

Yeti states that it's completely fine to put carbonated drinks in your Yeti Rambler on the FAQ page of their website. They do a lot of testing of their products so if they say it's fine then they have obviously tested and tried it themselves.

Things to Be Aware Of With Yeti And Carbonated Drinks

Even though Yeti say themselves you can put carbonated drinks in their products, there are some things you should probably consider before doing so first. Here are some things to consider if you’re wondering about carbonated drinks in your Yeti.

These are the pros, the cons, and the consequences of doing so.

What Is The Fizz?

Ever wondered why some drinks fizz and dance with bubbles? Carbonated drinks contain carbon dioxide. This is what is dissolved in the drink and produces the fizziness and bubbles.

When in an enclosed space (like a can), the carbon dioxide expands as much as possible. This is what makes the pressure inside the can or bottle of a carbonated drink. The pressure wants to release but when a can or bottle is airtight it can't.

So a Yeti Rambler bottle will be better at keeping your carbonated drink fizzy when compared to a tumbler.

The Yeti Rambler Tumbler is not completely airtight. This means some of the gasses will inevitably escape. This will cause your drink to quickly become relatively flat..and that obviously sucks and no one wants that.

For the best results you want to completely fill up your Yeti Rambler bottle with your drink. The less air space the less room the carbon dioxide has to escape to and your drink will stay fizzier for longer.

Also the colder a drink is the more it stays fizzy so the insulation of the Yeti Ramblers works really well here to keep your drink both cold and fizzy.

Too Much Pressure?

There has been cause for concern when it comes to the built up pressure inside the Yeti Rambler Tumbler. Don’t worry, you won’t blow up. Carbonated drinks won't make your Yeti explode.

However they can cause a Yeti lid to get stuck or be harder to open.

The pressure from the build up of gases pushes upwards on the lid creating more friction when you go to open it. Leave it too long and if bacteria starts to grow and release their own gases then your Yeti lid can great really stuck. Here's a guide for how to open a stuck Yeti lid if you do run into this problem.

But if you're just adding carbonated drinks for the day and going to clean your bottle at the end of the day you should be fine.

Will Carbonated Drinks Leave a Chemical Taste in My Yeti?

Some people have been worrying about some chemicals corroding stainless steel and could be leached into your drink from the more acidic and corrosive drinks you could put in your Yeti.

The fact that stainless steel can resist acidic corrosion elements (including phosphoric acid) found in sodas should let you drop the worry of drinking leached chemicals.

Will Carbonated Drinks Leave Residue In My Yeti?

If you forget about your Yeti and happen to leave soda in it, chances are that you will have a buildup to clean out.

You will need a good scrubber and soap for this. If you have big hands, cleaning the Yeti out could be a little tricky seeing as you might not be able to get your hand down to the bottom and scrub as deep and hard.

Thankfully, The Yeti is dishwasher safe and if you don't want to put it in the dishwasher then click here to learn how to clean your Yeti properly everytime.

Yetis are Made From Durable Corrosive Resistant Stainless Steel

Your Yeti Rambler is made with kitchen-grade stainless steel (18/8). This is corrosion resistant and should not react to much you put inside of it.

Phosphoric acid is corrosive (found in coca-cola and other sodas) and very useful for getting rid of rust and this sometimes makes it helpful to use to clean your Yeti with. But it shouldn't actively rust your Yeti or cause you any issues.

Most big brand named sodas are produced and stored in big stainless steel drums and such before they are put into their bottles. It would not make much sense for companies to use stainless steel for their soda if the soda ate the container.

Facts of Fizz

Did you know that soda will keep its bubbles longer when it is kept at a lower temperature and lose them quicker the warmer the temperature gets? The bubbles in soda diminish when they are in the open air. Having an enclosed space is ideal for keeping the fizz longer.

For Best Results

To gain the best results and keep your fizzy bubbles for longer, fill your Yeti Tumbler up as much as possible with soda. The less open space there is means the less chance of air reacting to the acids and gases.

The Yeti Bottle

The Yeti bottle will hold carbonated drinks better than the Yeti Rambler Tumbler cup because it is more air-tight and insulated, keeping the soda cold (remember how the fizz stays longer the colder the temperature?) and not allowing the carbon dioxide to escape.

Other Carbonated Drinks Besides Soda?

There are many other carbonated drinks besides soda people want to know if you can put them into a Yeti. However, the same chemistry lesson applies to these other drinks as well.

Can You Put Sparkling Water In Your Yeti?

Yes, you can put sparkling water in your Yeti! The water is not acidic so you do not have to worry about corrosion and the stainless steel can handle all of the carbonation.

Can You Put Sparkling Wine In Your Yeti?

You can put sparkling wine in your Yeti if you would like. Your Yeti could be the perfect roadie cup with a lid. In fact, yeti makes insulated wine tumblers specifically for wine and champagne.

Can You Put Beer In Your Yeti Rambler Tumbler?

You can put beer in your Yeti Rambler Tumbler. It is suggested you fill the Yeti with as much beer as possible for a couple reasons.

One reason is because of what was mentioned before in regards to empty space and how it eats the fizziness of soda.

The other reason is because beer is just a good drink. The Yeti Bottle might be a better choice to put you beer in. The cooler temperature and the bottle itself would feel more like a beer as well.

So Far So Good

So far, there have been no horror stories about people losing an eye or other body parts from a carbon dioxide pressure explosion from their Yeti.

There has been no evidence of chemicals being leached into the drinks from the stainless steel while using the Yeti. There have not been many complaints about the Yeti at all.

Overall, It Is Safe

All forms of carbonated drinks are safe to put in your Yeti Rambler Tumbler. You might have to clean your Yeti more often but, that’s about it. You can put almost anything in the Yeti.