Can You Put Beer in a Hydro Flask?

Hydro Flasks are great for keeping drinks cold and there is nothing better than big cold beer after a hard day's work. But can you put beer in a Hydro Flask?

Some people worry that putting beer in a Hydro Flask may damage the Hydro Flask or it may ruin the taste of the beer. So I decided to do some research to figure out whether or not beer is ok in a Hydro Flask.

You can put beer in a Hydro Flask without issue, in fact there is a Hydro Flask specially designed for beer – The Growler. The beer will stay cold and carbonated all day and it won't cause damage to the bottle or metallic leakage into the beer.

In fact most beers are brewed in giant stainless steel containers that are a similar grade of stainless steel to a Hydro Flask. They are then put into beer kegs which are also stainless steel and poured out of a beer tap which is also stainless steel.

So even if you prefer to drink your beer from a cold glass knowing that it originally came from stainless steel should give you some reassurance that a stainless steel Hydro Flask is fine to drink from.

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Is It Dangerous To Put Beer In a Hydro Flask?

Some people question whether putting beer in a Hydro Flask could potentially be dangerous?

Will the carbon dioxide that keep the beer carbonated and fizzy build up so much pressure that it'll cause the Hydro Flask bottle to explode?

The pressure from the carbonated beer is not even close to enough to put any real strain on a Hydro Flask or to cause any real damage. A beer will have a 10-20 psi and it would take 200+ psi to potential break a Hydro Flask.

The YouTube video below does an experiment with a coke bottle and pumped pressure into it until it breaks. It got up to about 200 psi before it exploded and the bottle broke.

Hydro Flasks are made from 18/8 stainless steel and they are much stronger than the plastic used in coke bottles.

So it's pretty obvious that they can definitely handle the carbonation in beer.

In fact, because Hydro Flasks keep beer cold they actually help the beer stay carbonated and fizzier longer than a regular non-insulated bottle would.

Will The Stainless Steel In Hydro Flasks Change The Taste of Beer?

Will the stainless steel in the Hydro Flask change the taste of beer and impart a metallic flavor into it?

Theoretically speaking the 18/8 stainless steel Hydro Flasks are made from should not change the flavor of the beer as beer is kept in stainless steel at breweries and pubs anyway. However, some people claim they can taste the difference when compared to glass.

Looking at the science behind it you can't really say there is much (if any) evidence of Hydro Flasks or other stainless steel bottles changing the flavor of beer.

If anything it will protect the flavor of the beer more than a glass bottle as no sunlight can get in to ruin the beer (known as skunking).

However, some people are adamant that Hydro Flasks or stainless steel bottles in general do impart flavor into the beer.

I personally can't taste any difference when I have my coffee in my Hydro Flask, but my partner turns up her nose whenever she has to drink out of a Hydro Flask.

So no it shouldn't change the flavor, but I think ultimately it comes down to personal taste pallet.

Will a Hydro Flask Keep Beer Carbonated?

Hydro Flasks are actually really good at keeping beer carbonated.

Drinks stay more carbonated the colder they are and given that Hydro Flasks are double walled and vacuum insulated they can keep your beer cold for hours.

This helps to lock in the carbon dioxide and keeps them fizzier than if you were just to put them in a non-insulated container.

Hydro Flasks are also airtight and leak proof so the carbon dioxide isn't going to escape once you've closed the lid.

To keep your beer carbonated longer it's best to fill the Hydro Flask up completely, leaving little to no air in the top.

The more air that is left in the Hydro Flask the more space the carbon dioxide has to fill. This will reduce carbonation and fizziness so where possible fill your bottle to the brim.

The Best Hydro Flasks For Beer

Really any Hydro Flask bottle can do the job of storing your beer for drinking it later.

They are all made from the same grade of stainless steel, they are all insulated and they are all leak proof and air tight.

Ultimately it comes down to how much beer do you want to be carrying with you.

To keep your beer as carbonated as possible you'll want to fill up your Hydro Flask and avoid excess air space.

If you're just looking to take one can then a 12 oz Hydro Flask would actually do the trick. But most people will want to take beer to share or will want more than that.

The 64 oz Growler is specifically designed with beer in mind. Many local and craft breweries are happy to sell beer by the growler and to fill up your growler for you.

It's got a longer neck for easy pouring, a strong and sturdy carry handle and an easy to open leak proof lid.

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Hydro Flasks Can Prevent Skunking

A lot of people don't realise that beer is kept in dark glass bottles to avoid the beer getting ruined by sunlight.

Sunlight causes a reaction in the beer called skunking which ruins the flavor. You do NOT want your beer to taste like a skunk.

Hydro Flask bottles are opaque.

Because they are made of stainless steel sunlight doesn't pass through it and so the beer is kept in the dark. This means that skunking won't occur or it will extremely slow it down and make it unnoticeable.

This helps to preserve the flavor and avoid skunking so your beer will stay cold, carbonated AND it'll taste better.