Can You Put Boiling Water in a Yeti Tumbler Cup or Bottle?

Yeti tumbler cups and bottles are great at keep drinks cold, but can you put boiling water in a Yeti cup or bottle?

Maybe you want to make yourself a hot coffee or a tea and so you want to pour boiling water straight into your Yeti. Or maybe you want to use your Yeti cup to make some instant noodles.

Whatever your reason there is some good news:

You can safely put boiling water in a Yeti tumbler cup or bottle without any issues. It's designed to handle extreme heats and won't get damaged. The boiling water will stay hot for 6+ hours, giving you hot tea or coffee all day long.

So if you want to put some boiling water in your Yeti then go right ahead. They are made from 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel which can easily handle temperatures well above boiling point and they will keep your drink hot all day long.

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Will Putting Boiling Water In a Yeti Cup Damage It?

No, putting boiling water inside a Yeti cup isn't going to damage it. It's made from stainless steel and can easily handle the temperature without issue. The vacuum insulation will keep your drink hot for hours and keep the outside cool to touch.

I did some research and found this article which states that stainless steel can handle temperatures up to 1,598°F (870°C) intermittently without it causing any damage.

Given boiling water is only 212ºF (100ºC) or maybe a tiny bit higher that's a huge way away from the threshold of what stainless steel and Yeti cups can handle.

However, submerging your Yeti cup or bottle in boiling water can potentially cause damage to the paint as it could cause it to discolor or maybe even cause the paint to chip off.

Exposing your Yeti to heats too high could cause the vacuum seal to fail, which will cause the vacuum in your Yeti to fill up with air and it'll no longer insulate properly.

How Long Will Boiling Water Stay Hot In a Yeti Cup or Bottle?

If you put boiling water in a Yeti cup or bottle how long will it stay hot for? How long until your tea or coffee starts to feel too cold to drink.

If you put boiling water in a Yeti cup or bottle it should remain too hot to drink for 4-6 hours, cooling down to a lukewarm temperature around 12 hours. To keep water hot for longer pre-heat your Yeti and keep the lid on.

Here are some comments from people's experiences (on Reddit) keeping hot drinks in their Yeti tumblers and bottles:

my father buys lots of Yeti products and I can attest to their higher quality insulation as compared to all other companies I've had experience with (even Klean Kanteen). That tumbler cup you're looking at can keep coffee warm upwards of 6 hours even with the opening at the top. It's pretty amazing really. Sometimes you have to pay more for a higher quality product. Yeti does have a popular name right now, but it's well deserved.

There's also this comment from this reddit thread:

I'm a couple of years into my 30oz Yeti and you honestly can't beat it. The thing holds ice forever and it's survived more than its fair share of abuse from me, even me using it as a hammer on the Jeep when I couldn't find a real hammer. I don't really have any complaints at all about it, I can't even nitpick over anything. Yeti may have the name, but they've also got the quality to back it up.

Below is a video where someone puts boiling water in bot a Yeti as well as an Ozark Trail tumbler to see how long they would stay hot for.

Can You Keep Water Boiling in a Yeti Cup or Bottle?

While you can put boiling water in a Yeti is it possible to keep water at boiling point in a Yeti cup or bottle?

No, a Yeti cup or bottle with not keep water at a boiling point above 212ºF (100ºC). As soon as you pour boiling water in a Yeti it will stop boiling and start to cool down.

It will stay hot for a long period of time but because there is no heating element in the Yeti your water will quickly cool down below boiling point, basically as soon as you pour it in.

To keep water closer to boiling temperature for longer you'll first want to pre-heat your Yeti but filling it up with boiling water and leaving for 2-5 minutes.

Then discard this water and refill your Yeti with fresh boiling water. Quickly close the lid so steam doesn't escape and your water will stay nearly boiling point for some time.

Even in a few hours it should still be hot enough to make tea, coffee or even some instant noodles.

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What Happens When You Put Boiling Water In a Yeti Tumbler or Bottle?

What happens when you put boiling water in a Yeti tumbler or bottle? Does anything happen or will it damage your Yeti?

When you put boiling water in a Yeti nothing super exciting happens. The water will stop boiling straight away but stay hot for about 4-6 hours. Over time it will slowly cool down with the vacuum insulation keeping it hot for as long as possible.

I wrote a full article on how do Yeti tumblers work if you're interested in learning more.

How To Keep Water Boiling For Longer In a Yeti Cup or Bottle

There are a couple of different things you can try to keep water (almost) boiling hot for as long as possible in your Yeti cup. These tips will stop it from cooling down faster so you have water as hot as physically possible when you need it.

Here are some simple tips you can use:

  • Pre-heat the inside of your Yeti with boiling water before use
  • Use more boiling water (the larger quantity the better)
  • Put the lid on straight away (don't let steam escape)
  • Use an insulating pouch or wrap in a towel
  • The hotter the water starts out the better
  • Keep it out of cold environments

Can You Boil Water Inside a Yeti Cup or Bottle?

Can you put a Yeti cup or bottle on the stove with cold or room temperature water in it and actually boiling it?

While it is possible to boil water in a Yeti cup it's not advised. It'll take a long period of time because of the vacuum insulation and the process will like ruin your Yeti cup completely.

The vacuum insulation will mean that only a small amount of the heat from your fire or stove will actually make its way into the water inside your Yeti. It would heat the outside but hardly heat the inside.

Heating the outside will likely cause damage to the vacuum seal of your Yeti, ruining the insulation for future use. It'll also likely cause damage marks on the outside of your Yeti and can completely discolor it.

Below you can see a video of someone trying to boil water in a vacuum insulated mug and it completely ruins the cup and causes it to actually deform.

So if you're trying to boil water in your Yeti do so at your own risk.

If you absolutely need to boil water inside your Yeti then I would recommend a hot element that you can place inside the water so you're heating it directly from the inside.

This should easily heat up the water and it's less likely to damage your Yeti.