What To Wear Surfing For a Girl

These days more and more girls are starting to surf which is absolutely awesome!

If you're a girl who's just getting into surfing you may be wondering what to wear surfing as a girl?

Can you just wear your swimmers? Can you wear wetsuits like a lot of the guys do? Are there any considerations you need to take into account?

There are a lot of things you can wear surfing as a girl. The most common things girls wear when surfing are bikinis, one piece swimsuits, rash vests or t-shirt or wetsuits. Ultimately wear what you feel comfortable in.

In this article will look in more detail about the most common options for what to wear for girls who are surfing.

Some Considerations

There are some considerations you'll want to take into account when choosing what to wear when surfing as a girl.

Keep these in mind to avoid any embarrassing moments and to make sure you feel comfortable and safe in the water.

Strapless Swimmers May Not Be The Best Idea

Well you can technically wear any type of swimmers you want wall surfing you need to consider the power of the waves and the effect wipeouts might have on your swimwear.

Strapless swimmers are much more likely to be pushed down when duck diving, getting hit by a wave or during a wipe out.

Wearing swimmers with shoulder straps makes it less likely that your breasts are going to pop out and be on display for everyone whilst you're surfing.

You May Draw Some Attention

Surfing is still predominantly a male sport even though there's more and more girls getting into it.

This means when you paddle out into the lineup it's going to be mostly guys out there. Most guys find girls who surf extremely attractive so expect to get some looks and smiles from them.

Where I surf is a safe and affluent area and there doesn't seem to be any issues with girls surfers getting hassled by guys. My girlfriend can go surfing and while she is gorgeous and gets a lot of looks she hasn't had any issues in the water. Everyone is really nice.

But if your area is different you may need to consider what you wear as to not draw the wrong attention to yourself.

I actually hate writing this because I don't agree that girls should have to adjust the way they dress to help protect themselves. They should be able to wear what they want. But the reality isn't always the case.

Rash vests and t-shirts over your bikini can be good options and also help you avoid board rash. It's also common for girls to wear wetsuits when surfing.

Wear whatever you want but be smart and stay safe.

Wear What You Feel Comfortable In

Don't let this article, or anyone at all, tell you what you should and shouldn't wearing surfing as a girl.

Ultimately, you should wear what you feel comfortable in and what you want to wear while surfing.

Things You Can Wear Surfing as a Girl

There are lots of different options for things to wear as a girl when you're going surfing. Below is a list of the few different options that are most common.

Bikini/Two Piece Swimsuit

When the water is warm you don't need to wear a wetsuit when surfing and you may just want to go out in your bikini.

During summer time this is what my girlfriend is most likely to wear when we go surfing.

This allows her to sun bake on the sand when she get tired of surfing and means she doesn't have to change into anything or take extra options down the beach.

Again, you might want to wear a bikini that has shoulder straps to help keep your top on while surfing.

One Piece Swimsuit

Instead of a two piece bikini you may actually prefer to wear a one piece swimsuit.

One of the major benefits of a single piece swimsuit is that it covers your ribs and stomach which can help you avoid board rash.

Some girls and women also just feel more comfortable in a single piece swimsuit and there are also long and single piece swimsuits which help to protect your skin from UV radiation.

Again you'll likely want to opt for something with shoulder straps to help keep your swimsuit on in the surf.

Swimsuit + Rash Shirt

It's very common for girls to wear rash vests over their swimmers when they are surfing.

Rash vest are great for helping you to avoid board rash, they protect your skin from UV radiation and they can also cover up more of your body. This makes some girls more comfortable when they're surfing.

Rash shirts are also great for protecting your swimmers from rubbing on your board and from getting wax on your swimmers.

Swimsuit + Tshirt

If you don't have a rash vest, or if you simply prefer it, you can also wear a T-shirt over your swimmers when surfing.

Just like a rash or this will help protect you from board rash, it will protect your swimmers from getting board wax on them, it'll protect your skin from UV radiation and it can also help you cover up if that's what you want to do.


One of the most common things for girls to wear when surfing, especially in colder water, is a wetsuit.

Wetsuits are made out of neoprene foam which traps in your body heat and insulate you from the cold water.

There are lots of great wetsuit options for girls.

It's becoming quite common for girls to wear thinner long armed wetsuits that just have swimmer bottoms (no shorts/pants).

These are extremely stylish and attractive and are a great way to look good in a wetsuit.

In cold water it's also very common for girls to wear full length wet suits, often known as steamers.

There are some great designs out there for girls and many female wetsuits now are specifically designed for the shape of a girls body.

What Not To Wear Surfing as a Girl

Strapless Swimsuits

We've already spoken about this up above but if you're wearing a strapless swimsuit it's more likely to come off than a swimsuit with shoulder straps.

Waves can carry a lot of force and the last thing you want to happen is for your top to come off when your duck diving under a wave or when you've had a wipe out.

Instead, wear a swimsuit that fits well so you can focus on your surfing and don't have to worry about whether you've got too much showing or not.

A Wetsuit That's Too Big

In order for them to work properly wetsuits need to be tight to your skin so that they keep out the cold water.

If your wetsuit is too big it can allow a lot of water inside, known as flushing, and this means you won't be as warm in the water.

Click here to learn how to stay warm in a wetsuit but one of the most important things you can do is to get a wetsuit that's the right size.

Your Birthday Suit

Unless you're surfing at a nude beach then you probably don't want to surf wearing nothing at all.

This will draw way too much attention to your self and in a lot of countries it's actually illegal.

Your Winter Onesie

Well your winter onesie might keep you warm at home during a cold night as soon as it gets wet you're going to be freezing.

It'll also get extremely heavy with water making it difficult to paddle and difficult to surf.