How To Look Good In a Wetsuit

Whether you're heading down to the beach for a surfing lesson or going scuba diving if it's cold you may need to wear a wetsuit.

Wetsuits are generally really tight (which tends to show your body shape) and overall they just aren't the most glamorous piece of swimwear. But this doesn't mean you can't look amazing in a wetsuit.

But how can you look good in a wetsuit?

There are a few different things you can do to look better and feel more comfortable in a wetsuit when you're at the beach, on the lake or going scuba diving. These apply to people of all genders.

To look good in a wetsuit make sure you get a tight fitting wetsuit in a modern design, avoiding bright neon colors. When out of the water take the top half off or unzip to front (for girls) and wear it with confidence. Know many people find wetsuits attractive, be confident in yourself and have fun.

It's Normal To Feel a Little Insecure

Firstly, just let me say that it's completely normal to feel a little insecure about wearing a wetsuit.

Unless you're a regular surfer or diver chances are you don't spend a lot of time in a tight black body suit, so it's normal to have some concerns.

This girl on Yahoo Answers was super nervous about getting into a wetsuit. She said this:

My new boyfriend wants to teach me how to surf, but I'm kind of nervous about wearing a wetsuit. I'm slightly overweight so it's gonna show off everything. Does anyone know of any tips or alternatives for this? I still wanna look sexy, cause he strikes me as kinda shallow…

So it's normal to feel a little insecure but here are some things you can do so you look good in your wetsuit.

Wear The Right Wetsuit For The Season

While technically you can wear any wetsuit you want getting the right wetsuit for the season is going to make you fit in more at the beach and draw less attention to yourself.

Wearing a steamer (full length) wetsuit in the middle of summer in warm waters makes you look a bit silly, but if it's the middle of winter everyone is wearing them and the people wearing spring suits (short sleeve and pants) wetsuits stand out more.

Trying to stay warm by wearing a super thick wetsuit when the water is warm or wearing a helmet surfing when the conditions are small and calm will make you look like you don't know what you're doing.

Get a Modern Looking Wetsuit

Which suits come in all different styles and designs but the cheaper wetsuits tend to have older designs and don't look as good.

Go to the beach and have a look at what other wetsuits people are wearing and what looks good and try to get an idea for what is in fashion at the moment.

Then when you go to the store to buy a wetsuit get a modern looking one that is currently in fashion and you look way better than someone wearing an older style wetsuit.

I personally have a wetsuit that is about 10 years old and my partner has a wetsuit that is brand new and she looks so amazing compared to me.

Avoid Bright Neon Colors

While bright neon colors are great for kids wetsuits are are really fun, as an adult they are more likely to make you look like a human teletubby.

While my wetsuit is older and not as “in style” as current wetsuits it still looks great because it has neutral colors (and I know how to wear it well).

While my 5 year old son has a bright green and blue wetsuit my wetsuit is grey and black.

Ideally I would buy an all black wetsuit as a male but as a female you have a wider range of color options and designs to choose from.

Most good female wetsuits are mostly black or neutral in color with splashes of color. Maybe the arms are a light pink or have a floral design, but even still they are rarely bright and neon.

Life jackets are bright for high visibility but surfer's don't wear life jackets and you don't really need that high visibility for safety reasons. So avoid the neon unless you think it look absolutely amazing.

Get a Good Fitting Wetsuit

You should be buying a good fitting wetsuit anyway otherwise it won't keep you warm properly. But make sure your wetsuit is a tight fit.

It'll stretch in the water, sometimes as much as 20-30%, and it'll stretch as you wear it more.

A baggy wetsuit with lots of rolls and bulges looks bad and looks like you bought the wrong size.

Go into a high quality surf shop and get them to fit you with the right size for you. Smaller and tighter is usually better.

Plus a tight wetsuit can help to squeeze in any extra weight you may have and give you a more curved shape.

Wear a High Quality Wetsuit Brand

High quality brands not only perform better at keeping you warm but they also tend to look a lot better too.

The material is more flexible, there is more attention to detail and the styles are better.

It also helps to be on the beach wearing a high quality brand that people recognize vs a cheap no-name brand with a poor design that no one has ever heard of.

When it comes to fashion often the more expensive clothes look better. The same is also true for wetsuits.

Take The Top Off or Unzip The Front (For Females) When Not In The Water

After you've finished swimming, surfing, scuba diving or whatever it is you're doing then a way to look good in your wetsuit is to actually partially take it off.

For guys, taking the top off and letting it hang down and wearing your wetsuit like short/pants can be a really good look.

Girls can also do this assuming they have a bikini underneath and it looks awesome.

Or a lot of the girls wetsuits now zip and the front and so you can unzip the front to show a bit of skin and look sexy while still keeping your wetsuit mostly warm keeping you warm and covered.

Just walking around the beach in a fully zipped up wetsuit with no surfboard or anything can make you look more like a teletubby. So when you've finished swimming it can be a good idea to unzip a bit and partially get out of your wetsuit.

Don't Wear Bulky Items Underneath Your Wetsuit

If you're wearing bulky items under you wetsuit in an attempt to keep warm or because you don't want to go commando in your wetsuit then this can be a really bad look.

The bulky items will often bunch up and give your wetsuit a weird shape around your body.

Stick to just having swimmers under your wetsuit or if you're like me then just go commando and wear nothing at all under your wetsuit. You still stay warm and you don't have any issues with bunching.

Do Your Hair

Just because you're going down to the beach doesn't mean you shouldn't spend some time before getting into your wetsuit to do your hair so you look good.

Often when I'm going for a surf I don't do my hair and it gets all fluffy and doesn't look great. Once I get wet my hair looks good so I don't mind this short moment of not looking my best.

But when my hair is already done and I put on my wetsuit I feel so much better.

Have a Surfboard

Walking down the beach in a wetsuit without a surfboard or some kind of gear can make you look a little silly.

I notice this when I'm just swimming at the beach in winter with my kids. Both me and my partner will be in wetsuits but without surfboards and we do look great.

Stick a surfboard in our hands however and instant cool factor.

Generally you're wearing a wetsuit because you're a surfer. So having a surfboard in your hand makes you look so much hotter and so much more attractive.

Surfing is also sexier than bodyboarding. Nothing against my lying down pals but it just seems to be the case

Get Good at Surfing

There is little that gets my heart racing more than a girl who is good at surfing. My partner will also attest to this, she finds it so sexy that I'm a surfer.

If a person is good at surfing then it's an instant hot factor. She is basically guaranteed to look good in her wetsuit.

If people can see that you're wearing a wetsuit because you're a surfer (and a good one at that) you will look better than if you're a noob surfer and don't know what you're doing.

That same goes for bodyboarding or scuba diving. If you're a bad ass and good as what you do that shows through and you'll look amazing in your wetsuit.

Wear It As If You Look Good

Sometimes you've just got to own it and wear your wetsuit with confidence.

If you carry yourself as if you look good in your wetsuit then you will look better in your wetsuit.

If I'm having a bad day and my shoulders are slouched and I don't feel good then I don't look as hot in my wetsuit.

When I'm confident, kicking ass in business and life and just had the best surf that confidence shows and I look better in my wetsuit.

Sometimes you've just got to fake it until you make it.

Realize a Lot of People Find Wetsuits Attractive

While most people at the beach are going to be wearing swimmers or bikinis realize that a lot of people find wetsuits very attractive.

I am one of these people.

While a girl in a g-string bikini is amazing to look at, a girl in a nice wetsuit with a surfboard under her arm can take my breath away like nothing else.

And I'm not alone in this. A lot of people find them attractive, and that goes for people of all sizes and all genders

Be Happy With Your Body and Have Fun

At the end of the day most people aren't even paying attention to you at the beach.

They are in their own little world focusing on their own little things and they aren't going to be look at you a great deal.

For the article I went down the beach with my partner and set up a camera and took a bunch of photos of ourselves on the beach.

Did we look a bit silly taking photos in our wetsuits and doing poses? Yeh we did.

Did anyone say anything to us or even really notice us? Not really.

So live your best life, be confident and have fun and follow some of these tips and I'm sure you'll look absolutely amazing in your wetsuit.