6 Easy Ways To Store Folding Chairs On Your Wall

A nice collection of folding chairs is more or less mandatory if you plan to host backyard barbecues, pool parties, or any other outdoor get together.

But the trouble is finding a place to keep all those chairs once the party’s over. Sure you can stack them in the garage but that takes up valuable floor space. I much prefer to hang the up out of the way.

Hanging them from a wall in the basement or garage is an easy way to keep them out of the way, but what’s actually the best way to do so?

Classic folding chairs, beach chairs, and suspension chairs can be hung from a wall using a wall-mounted organization rack, storage hooks, or bungee cords. Folding camping chairs can be hung with a camp chair sling or from heavy duty command hooks.

If you’re low on wall space, adding some overhead storage to your basement or garage may be an even better option. With a trussed ceiling, you can simply lay a sheet of plywood across two trusses to act as a shelf. Otherwise, you can install an overhead storage unit instead. 

If you want even more space-saving ideas to store your folding chairs, be sure to check out my list of ways to store beach chairs and ways to store camping chairs for some inspiration.

Hanging them from a wall is far from the only option.

1. Use A Chair Hanging Rack

Wallmaster Garage Storage Organization Wall Mount, Garden Tool Rack Organizer Heavy Duty Folding Chair Hangers with 6 Adjustable Hooks 48inch Tracks Max Load 265lb

The easiest way to hang your folding chairs from a wall is to simply buy a wall-mounted organization rack.

I really like this Wallmaster Organization Mount because it’s quick and easy to install, can hold up to six or eight chairs, and the hooks are adjustable, meaning any spare hooks can be used to hold shovels, rakes, or whatever else you want to hang.  

Wallmaster Garage Storage Organization Wall Mount with 6 Adjustable Hooks

Organize all your gear or tools on the storage rack to free up floor space and provide easy access. Garage hooks can be easily repositioned anywhere on tracks of the panel when storage needs change. And fast wall-mount hooks can install in a snap.

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2. Use Storage Hooks

If you don’t have enough space for an organization rack or want something even more customizable, you can install your own storage hooks instead.

Just measure the width between your folding chair’s inner legs, subtract a couple of inches, and install your hooks that far apart.

Longer storage hooks can be used to hang two or three chairs at once. Or if you don’t want your chairs jutting too far out from the wall, you can install shorter utility hooks to hang single chairs instead. 

Horusdy 6 Pack Garage Hooks
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Strong tubular metal structure that can hold up to 40 lbs in weight. 6 pack garage storage hooks with 12pcs screws and anchors, hook size: 4.72in x 3.5in(L x W).

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3. Use Bungee Cords

Hanging folding chairs from bungee cords has a couple of distinct advantages over simply using storage hooks or a rack. 

Pluvios 40" (100cm) Heavy Duty Bungee Cords with Hooks
$17.99 ($1.80 / Count)

Designed to withstand heavy usage, these robust bungy straps with hooks are engineered with an 8mm woven polypropylene cord accompanied by heavy-duty plastic coated steel hooks on either end, which won’t bend under loading.

Stretch to DOUBLE their length and have a maximum load capacity of 30kgs

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For starters, when your chairs aren’t hung, the cords can be tucked away out of sight instead of being an eyesore on your wall. 

Second, you can also hang more chairs at once. Hooks and racks normally hold two (or occasionally three) chairs per stack. With a couple of bungee cords, stacks of four or five are pretty easily manageable — just be sure to double check the weight limit of your bungee cords and hooks compared to the weight of your chairs. 

To hang them, just install a couple of J hooks at the top of your wall near the ceiling (around 18 inches apart), thread two bungee cords through your chair’s cross bar, and connect the cords to the hooks. 

Alternatively, if your basement or garage has a trussed ceiling, you can simply wrap the bungee cords around a truss near the wall instead of using hooks. 

4. Hang Camping Chairs With A Camp Chair Sling

Camping Chair Nylon Wall Storage for Garage. This Organizer System Holds 4 Chairs. Simple Easy Wall Mount for Garage Organization.

Because camping chairs fold in two planes and are normally quite a bit lighter than beach chairs and other folding chairs, you have even more options on how you can hang them.

A nylon camp chair sling, like this one by Tymedration, is super easy to install, hangs completely flat and out of the way when not in use, and can hold up to four camping chairs with no problem. 

Camping Chair Nylon Wall Sling Storage for Garage

Made from 100% nylon and strong enough to hold up to 50 lbs this storage sling is great to get your camping chairs off the floor for easy wall storage

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5. Hang Camping Chairs With Command Hooks

Surprisingly, most camping chairs are light enough to hang from heavy duty command hooks.

Command 10 Lb XL Heavyweight Wall Hook
$8.79 ($4.40 / Count)

Easy to add and remove to your wall these extra large heavy duty wall hooks can hold up to 10 lbs.

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Many camping chairs will have small fabric loops you can hang them from or you can simply stick the chair in its storage bag and hang it by the string or handle instead. 

If your chairs don’t have either, you can always pick up a few camp chair storage bags on Amazon for less than ten bucks each.  

Riakrum Folding Camp Chair Storage Bags (3 Pack)

Keep your camp chairs protected and allow for easy carry and storage with these camp chair storage bags.

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6. Hang Your Folding Chairs Overhead

FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack, Adjustable Garage Storage Organization Systerm, Heavy Duty Metal Garage Ceiling Storage Racks, 600lbs Weight Capacity, Black

If wallspace in the basement or garage is an issue, adding some overhead storage space is the next best thing. 

If you have a trussed ceiling, it’s super easy. Just use a solid sheet of plywood draped across two trusses to act as a shelf. 

If not, you can buy an overhead storage unit instead. It’s not the easiest to install, but once it’s up it adds tons of extra space for folding chairs or whatever else you need to store — completely up and out of the way. 

Fleximounts 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack
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Protect your items and use garage ceiling space to store seasonal and unused items. 22" to 40" ceiling dropdown provides up to 105 cu.ft of storage. Suitable for wood studs/joists and concrete wall.

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