Guide To Opening Your Contigo Autoseal Bottle & Tumbler

I own a whole bunch of Contigo water bottles and both me and my kids absolutely love them. But my favorite bottle is the ContigoAutoseal bottle because it’s so simple and easy to use and it’s also easy to clean.

But if it’s your first time using it there are a few tricks you need to be aware of otherwise you can get stuck and it can be confusing how this bottle actually works.

To use the Contigo Autoseal bottle first lift up the dirt cap and then made sure that the locking slider is fully set to the unlocked position. Then press the Autoseal button and lift to your mouth to drink.

The most common issues occur when the locking slider isn’t 100% slid into the open position and this can prevent the Autoseal button from being able to be depressed.

Another common issue is not keeping the Autoseal button depressed while drinking. The bottle will automatically seal itself closed (thus the name) when the button isn’t pressed.

If you’re finding the Autoseal isn’t working and is staying open check the underside of the lid and make sure it is not in it’s cleaning orientation (where it is open permanently) or there aren’t any issues with the string.

Below is the full step-by-step guide with photos and videos.

Opening the Contigo Autoseal Bottle

Step 1: Flip Open The Dirt Cap 

There’s a small cap at the top of the bottle to protect the spout from everyday dirt – use your thumb or fingers to flip this open. 

You might notice that the hole at the top has a small bit of plastic/rubber slightly poking out of it – this tells you that the seal is on and any liquid won’t come out. 

The dirt cap will also not move around on its hinges when opened out – it stays in position so there’s no need to hold it down when you take a drink from it. 

Step 2: Locate The Autoseal Button

The auto seal button is located at the back of the container – it’s a rectangular or oval shaped button at the back of the bottle (behind the dirt cap). 

The button has a small icon and the word “Autoseal” in all capital letters on it to help you identify it. 

However, if you try to depress this button you might notice it doesn’t go down much and nothing happens. This is usually because the lock is set to closed so the bottle won’t accidentally open and spill its contents all through your bag.

Step 3: Find The Lock And Set It To Open

The lock feature stops the bottle from opening in your bag and leaking water everywhere.

Often when your Autoseal lid isn’t working it’s because this lock is activated.

You need to locate it and set it to open before you can drink from the bottle. 

The lock is a small slider with a button that you can shift from right to left. You’ll usually find this slider to the right of the auto seal button. 

The lock settings work like this – if the button is on the left (towards the auto seal button) it stops the autoseal button from being depressed. It’s locked and you can’t drink from the container. 

Pushing the button to the right will set the lock to open and allow you to press the auto seal button down and release the plastic blocking the hole at the top. 

Just makes sure it’s 100% of the way across as sometimes if you only partially slide it to the open position it’ll still stop the Autoseal button from being depressed.

Step 4: Press The Auto Seal Button Down and Drink

Now that you’ve set the lock to open you can drink from the Contigo Autoseal bottle! Just make sure to keep the button depressed the entire time you’re drinking.

While it may seem a bit strange to have to remember to lock and unlock your bottle it becomes second nature in no time. 

It’s a super handy feature to have – if the bottle gets dropped knocked over or launched across a room the liquid won’t leak out. 

Opening The Contigo Travel Tumbler 

Contigo Luxe Autoseal Travel Mug, Stainless Steel Thermal Mug, Vacuum Flask, Leakproof Tumbler, dishwasher safe, Coffee Mug with BPA Free Easy-Clean Lid, Merlot, 360 ml

The Contigo Travel Tumbler (or Travel Mug) is simple to use and doesn’t have quite as many steps as the water bottle above. 

But the premise is still exactly the same and it’s really easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Below are some video instructions showing exactly how it works. Or read on for the step-by-step-guide.

Step 1: Make Sure The Top Button Is Set To Unlocked

Instead of a sliding lock like the bottle has the tumblers have a button lock on the top of the tumbler.

It looks like a little seesaw and on one side (usually the end closes to the edge) is a little lock icon.

If the lock icon is pressed down the autoseal button won’t be able to be depressed. To unlock simply press the opposite side, which should raise the locked side upwards.

Step 2: Press The Autoseal Button

Just like the water bottle, there’s a button at the back of the tumbler that has the word auto seal in all capitals.

Press this button down to drink from the container and enjoy! 


The Contigo Autoseal button isn’t working on the water bottle

If your Autoseal button isn’t doing anything then it’s usually down to the locking mechanism being in the locked position. You need to push the lock all the way to the open position.

If it’s only slid half way and not all the way to the end it might still lock the seal. 

If your lock is set to open and it’s still not working there’s a possibility that the mechanism is damaged or clogged in some way.

To check this open the lid and turn it upside down. Press the Autoseal button and see if the plastic shaft that opens the autoseal moves or is stuck for some reason.

You should hear a good clicking sound when the auto seal button is depressed. 

The Contigo Autoseal button isn’t working on the travel tumbler

Just like the water bottle, the auto seal button won’t work unless the lock is set to open – it might not work even if it’s a tiny bit off. 

There should be a quiet clicking sound when the lock is set to open and the lock icon should raise up allowing the Autoseal button to be depressed. 

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