How Many Contigo Bottles Should I Drink Per Day?

Contigo Water Bottles have really helped my family increase their daily water intake — thanks to the kid-friendly pop out straw of their Autospout Bottles and the exercise-friendly, easy-pour lid of their Autoseal Bottles.

Seriously, is it just me or does Contigo make some of the best most innovative water bottle lids on the market today?

Drinking more water is great, but it did make me wonder exactly how many Contigo Water Bottles we should be drinking each day.

The number of Contigo Water Bottles you should drink each day depends on the size of the bottle and your daily fluid intake goal. Assuming an average target of 8 cups/day, you’d need to drink a little over three 20 oz bottles, two 32 oz bottles, or a single 64 oz bottle to reach your target.

Below, I’ll show you exactly how many Contigo Water Bottles you should drink to reach your daily fluid intake goals. I’ll also teach you more about how to determine the amount of water you really need to drink each day. 

How Many Contigo Water Bottles Should You Be Drinking Per Day?

The number of Contigo water bottles you’ll need to drink each day depends entirely on your personal fluid intake goals and the size of your bottle.

Shooting for eight cups a day is a reasonable starting point and is widely recommended. A single 64 oz Contigo bottle or two 32 oz bottles will do the trick. 

But sometimes you want to drink more than that or sometimes you need less than that to stay hydrated.

I personally own the 20 oz chill and I got the 14 oz Gizmo Flip for my youngest for school. So for me to drink 8 cups/day I need to drink 3.2 water bottles and for my son to drink 8 cups/day he would need to drink 4.5 bottles per day.

But really he probably needs less water than I do so maybe 2-3 bottles per day will be enough for him.

The chart below can help you determine just how many Contigo Water Bottles you should drink per day. If you’re unsure about your intake goals, check out the following section for some simple advice. 

Contigo Bottle Size4 Cups/Day8 Cups/Day1 Gal/Day
12 oz (Wine tumbler)2.75.310.7
14 oz2.34.59
16 oz248
20 oz1.63.26.4
24 oz1.32.75.3
28 oz1.12.34.6
32 oz124
40 oz0.81.63.2
64 oz0.512

How Much Water Should You Be Drinking Per Day?

The amount of water needed each day varies from person to person. 

The old advice to “drink eight glasses of water per day” to stay hydrated is a good starting point, but isn’t able to account for all the factors involved.

If you live at a higher altitude, for example, you may lose up to twice as much moisture through respiration than those who live closer to sea level. The higher the altitude, the more exaggerated the effect.

Those with an active lifestyle who live in hot, humid climates will lose substantially more fluid through perspiration than those who live a sedentary lifestyle in temperate climates.

For me when I'm working out and spending time in the sauna I drink A LOT MORE than when I'm just working from home and at my desk all day.

Healthcare Triage does a nice job of summarizing in the video below. 

My goal is to drink both whenever I start feeling thirsty and before, during, and after exercise. Keeping a water bottle handy at all times has made it a breeze to increase my water intake.

To make sure I’m on track, I monitor my urine (don’t worry, it’s not as weird as it sounds).

Urinating every two to four hours and having clear or pale yellow urine are good indications that you’re sufficiently hydrated.

Get Yourself A Contigo Water Bottle

Available in plastic, glass, and stainless steel, with an option of two different cleverly designed spouts, there’s a Contigo Water Bottle for everyone. 

My kids love the pop out straw of the Autospout Bottles because it’s way easier for them to drink from (my car loves it too because it’s really hard to spill). I love the Autoseal Bottles because it makes it easy to chug when I’m working out. 

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