How Long Do CamelBak Bottles Last?

When it comes to durability, the Camelbak bottles certainly stand the test of time. My own Camelbak bottle has joined me on many outdoor adventures, from camping to rock climbing, and is going strong. 

What’s even more impressive is how long the kids' bottle range has lasted in the hands of my children. Which got me thinking, how long do Camelbak water bottles actually last? 

Camelbak water bottles are made from Tritan plastic which is extremely hardwearing and can last decades before degrading, same with the stainless steel water bottles. Camelbak Podium water bottles are made from polypropylene and are more prone to UV degradation from sunlight exposure.

Ultimately how long you Camelbak bottle will last depends on frequency of usage, how well it is cared for and cleaned, how much sunlight and UV exposure it experiences, heat exposure etc.

My water bottles tend to last longer and stay in better condition than the same water bottles given to my kids.

It's normal that with frequent use, your bottle will start to show signs of wear, and some parts may need to be replaced. 

While stainless-steel bottles typically only last around 12 years, the Camelbak bottles come with a standard lifetime warranty. Which is usually a good sign that a product is built to last. 

However, the lifetime warranty does not cover any damage from wear and tear or accidental damage from dropping the bottle. 

My wife, children, and I all have our own Camelbak bottles, so here are some common issues that I have noticed. You may encounter these as a longtime owner of the bottles and some tricks on how to make them last longer. 

How Long Do Camelbak Bottles Last?

My Camelbak bottle, which I have owned for years now, has seen its fair share of outdoor adventures and daily use, and I can say confidently that it is still going strong. 

The clear and colorful Camelbak bottles are made from a type of plastic called Tritan Renew. This is a BPA and BPS free plastic that has high-durability, UV resistance and is extremely long lasting.

While it's not a Camelbak one of my climbing friends owns this Nalgene bottle that is now around 15 years old and look at it next to a brand new bottle.

There isn't that much difference in the plastic other than a bit of cloudiness and the measurements wearing off.

Camelbak bottles are made from the same type of plastic as Nalgene bottles and should last just as long.

The bottles are made with BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic, which makes them a lot more durable thanks to this impact-resistant resistant plastic. 

This doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. The better care they get, the longer they will last.  

How long your Camelbak bottle will last depends on how often you use the bottle, how well you take care of the bottle, and how often you clean it. 

The Camelbak bottles are great to use when cycling, but this also means that they can get quite dirty, scratched, and dinged up if you’re cycling through the bush. 

The Podium bottles (which are specifically made for cycling) are also exposed to sunlight for long periods of time and the plastic they are made of is more prone to UV degradation.

This will have an impact on the lifespan of your bottle, as bottles that are not used daily and bottles that aren't exposed to sunlight and UV rays will typically last longer.

Do Camelbak Water Bottles Deteriorate Over Time?  

As much as the Camelbaks bottles are durable and long-lasting, they will show signs of deterioration over time. Especially if you use the bottle often as I do. 

Typically it tends to be the caps that begin to wear down over time and are more likely to have parts that break.

Over the years, I have needed to replace the caps or bite valves on my bottle. The Eddy+ bite valve is particularly prone to breaking but this isn't surprising given the fact you literally need to bite on them in order to get a drink.

I have noticed on my own Camelbak bottle and from reviews on Amazon that the most common issue customers have with their bottles is a broken bite valve. 

The good thing is Eddy bite valves are easy to replace and they aren't too expensive to replace either.

The caps on the bottles will also deteriorate and break over time, but again you can buy the replacement parts from the Camelbak website and fit them yourself. 

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