Does Whole Foods Sell Dry Ice? (2022 Pricing & Availability)

Whole Foods is a great place to purchase healthy and reliable food for yourself and your family. While Whole Foods does offer a decent selection of various types of foods and brands, do they sell dry ice for customers to purchase?

Many Whole Foods locations sell dry ice, especially during summer and around Halloween. Expect to pay $1.00-2.99 per pound but can vary. To ensure a specific location carries dry ice and they are in stock, call or contact the store before shopping.

What should you know about purchasing dry ice from Whole Foods? Continue reading to learn more about the process.

How Much Is Dry Ice at Whole Foods?

The price of dry ice depends on the location and the season. Customers can expect to pay $1-$3 per pound of dry ice. To find the exact price, a customer would have to contact the specific location of Whole Foods they are planning on purchasing the dry ice from. The store would be able to give an exact price for the location and the season they are currently in.

There is a peak season for dry ice which happens around Halloween time. This is due to people wanting to have spooky or festive-themed drinks at parties. Dry ice has the ability to create a thick white fog from the liquid it is placed in. This effect makes it perfect for Halloween parties because it can add another level of the Halloween theme to the drinks.

Around the peak season of dry ice sales, customers can expect the prices of dry ice to increase. While you may be thinking of planning ahead and purchasing the dry ice before the peak season, this will not work. Due to the extreme cold that dry ice has to be kept at to stay in a solid form when stored in a high-quality freezer, it will “melt” and shrink in size 10% each day. By the time the Halloween party comes around, there will be no dry ice left to use. (Source)

Where To Find Dry Ice In Whole Foods? Where Would Dry Ice Be

Dry ice must be stored in high-quality freezers to reduce the “melting” and shrinking that happens each day. Because of this, dry ice can be found in the freezer section in some Whole Foods locations. It is important to note that dry ice is extremely dangerous. So as a way to protect the customers, many Whole Foods locations may have their dry ice freezer located in the back where customers can’t access it.

If this is the case in your local Whole Foods store, find an employee who will be able to help you purchase the dry ice. Are you in a hurry and do not have time to look around the store to check where the dry ice is located? Contact your local Whole Foods before your shopping trip to learn the most up-to-date information on the status of the dry ice sold at the store and where it will be located for purchase.

How To Find Out If Your Local Whole Foods Store Has Dry Ice For Sale

While the world is becoming more digital, it is not possible for large grocery stores, like Whole Foods, to keep an updated record of what is readily available online. While this would be a great tool for future customers looking for a specific item, it is not realistic right now. Instead, the best way to confirm the status of a product, specifically dry ice, is to call the store directly. There, an employee will be able to physically check if there is any dry ice available for purchase.

If you are not comfortable calling someone on the phone, the only other option would be to either attempt to find the specific location’s email address and contact them through that source. Other than email and phone calls, physically going to the store is the best way to check if your local Whole Foods has dry ice.

Why Doesn’t Whole Foods Always Have Dry Ice

As previously mentioned, there is a peak season for dry ice, which happens around the Halloween season. Around this time, the Whole Foods location may be out of stock, due to the high influx of customers purchasing the dry ice. On the contrary, there are some Whole Foods locations that only carry dry ice during the peak season. This is due to such a low demand during other times of the year. If they stocked it all the time, the company could lose money over dry ice (which will eventually “melt” and disappear).

According to a couple of different forums and personal blogs, people seem to have varying experiences with the status of dry ice at a certain Whole Foods location. While some Whole Foods locations have dry ice year-round, most locations that do carry it only have it available during the peak season. On top of this, there are some locations that do not sell dry ice to customers.

How to Find Dry Ice?

Are you in a pinch looking for dry ice for your Halloween party and none of your local grocery stores seem to have any? There are a couple of different tips and tricks you can try to help you find dry ice.

Call the location of Whole Foods or the other retailers you are trying to buy the dry ice from. This will save you time, gas, and frustration from trying to find a location that has dry ice. Driving around from one store to another can get annoying.

Another option is finding a local Penguin Brand Dry Ice seller. This is one of the more popular brands that sells dry ice. They have a public website where people can put in the zip code of the area they are shopping in to find the nearest seller of the Penguin Brand Dry Ice. Click below to be directed to this resource.
Where to Buy Dry Ice