Does Meijer Sell Dry Ice? (2022 Pricing & Availability)

Meijer is a great store for all your needs, but what if you need dry ice? Is this a store you will be able to turn to?

Many Meijer stores sell dry ice for around $2.39 per pound. However, not all locations sell dry ice and some only stock it seasonally. It's always best to call ahead to your local Meijer to see if they have stock available before shopping.

If not every Meijer location sells dry ice, then that can cause you some stress if you go to one location that doesn't carry it. So how can you know where to get dry ice?

Dry Ice at Meijer

It can be hard to find a store nearby that sells dry ice. Meijer is helpful because they do sell dry ice, but they don't have it at every location. This can impact your day if you are out running errands and you need dry ice, only to find out the specific store you went to doesn't have dry ice. To avoid this, call your local store before heading to their location. If they do not sell dry ice at that store, ask if another one of their locations does.

How Much Is Dry Ice at Meijer?

Dry ice is sold in 1lb. packages that sell for $2.39 each. Meijer carries the Penguin Brand Dry Ice that sells individual packages. Online they tell you it is sold on Aisle 91, but that can vary per store. In many stores, it is kept in the back and customers can ask a store associate for it. So, if you can't find dry ice, ask a store associate for some and they can either direct you to it, or they will get it from the back. Dry ice can be dangerous to handle, so it might not be sitting out in the open.

Where To Find Dry Ice In Meijer? Where Would Dry Ice Be?

In Meijer, dry ice is sold at Aisle 91, but this can also change at different store locations. Not all locations carry dry ice, so if you can't find it in the aisles then ask a store manager or associate if they carry it in the back of the store. If they don't have any, then they will let you know. If they do carry it, they will ask you how much you want and they will usually get it for you.

How To Find Out If Your Local Meijer Store Has Dry Ice For Sale

The easiest way to find out if your local Meijer store has dry ice on sale is to call them and ask. This can save you time by not having to personally go into the store. Another way to find out is by going to the store and asking an employee. If you are going to the store anyway, it doesn't hurt to ask a manager or employee if they have dry ice on sale. Chances are, they don't have sales or discounts for ice products like dry ice and bags of ice.

Why Doesn't Meijer Always Have Dry Ice?

Some of Meijer's locations do not ever carry dry ice. On the other hand, other stores do have it, but they can run out of stock. About half of the Meijer locations sell dry ice, so if the store closest to you doesn't sell it, then another one close to that store location might. It is not a highly demanded product all year round, so they usually choose specific locations to sell it at.

Dry ice at Meijer is an in-store product only, so buying it online through their website is not an option. If you need to buy dry ice online for any reason, then there are stores and sites that will deliver it to you, or let you do a curbside pick up. These options can save you from having to go into the store if you prefer that.

Use Caution When Working with Dry Ice

If you are buying dry ice, be prepared to work with it safely. There are materials you likely already own that will help you avoid injuries for yourself and others.

There are a couple of things you should never do with dry ice. Do not breathe in the foggy air coming off of it and do not directly touch it. Dry ice is made up of compressed carbon dioxide which is what humans exhale when they breathe. Getting too much carbon dioxide in your lungs can suffocate you because there will not be enough oxygen in your lungs. So avoid breathing in the foggy air the dry ice gives off, no matter how cool it looks.

You should also never touch dry ice. The temperature of dry ice is -109 degrees Farenheight. That is 77 degrees below the freezing temperature. Because of this, you can get bad burns from the ice. The burns feel the same as burns from heat, but they can become severe very quickly. It is smart to avoid touching dry ice and to keep it out of reach of children for these reasons. Your safety and the safety of those around you are important, that's why there are so many warnings and caution labels on dry ice packaging.

Make sure you have a couple of important items on hand when handling dry ice. These products are insulated gloves, tongs, and appropriate clothing.

Insulated gloves can be winter gloves or other strong gloves. They should not be thin latex cleaning gloves because they will not protect you from the cold. If you accidentally drop dry ice on your hand or you accidentally touch it, the gloves will help you avoid getting injured. If you do touch it with gloves, be fast and take it off of your gloves as soon as possible to avoid injuries.

Pick up and drop dry ice with tongs or a big serving spoon. You probably have some of these in your kitchen, or you can buy them for cheap at a store. This will be how you can move the dry ice from one container to another. And lastly, wear long sleeve tops, pants, and closed-toe shoes to keep your skin safe from potential dry ice contact. All of these tips will keep you and others safe while working with dry ice.