Does Fred Meyer Sell Dry Ice? (2022 Pricing & Availability)

Fred Meyer is an American grocery chain that was founded by Fredrick G. Meyer in Portland, Oregon. While it is a popular store on the Northern West Coast in states like Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, it has not spread much farther than that. But does Fred Meyer sell dry ice?

Fred Meyer sells dry ice at many of its locations, however it can be seasonally exclusive to fall in some of its stores. Prices vary from store to store but expect to pay anywhere from $1.69-$3.00 per pound. It's a good idea to call ahead to see if your local store has stock.

Now that you know that you can buy dry ice from Fred Meyer, you should learn how much it costs, where to find it in the store, and why it might be unavailable at certain times.

How Much is Dry Ice at Fred Meyer

When planning on purchasing dry ice, or any product for that matter, you probably want to find the cheapest option possible and the best way to do that is to know how much it costs at different places! Most stores that sell dry ice, typically grocery stores, price it anywhere from $1 per pound to $3 per pound depending on where the store is. Fred Meyer's dry ice, specifically, is priced at $1.69 per pound.

Luckily, you will typically not need more than a pound or two of dry ice for most cases. However, It is important to find the cheapest option for dry ice because if you end up needing a lot, it can add up quickly. You should contact your local Fred Meyer to check your location's specific pricing on dry ice to be sure.

Where to Find Dry Ice in Fred Meyer

When you go to your local Fred Meyer to purchase dry ice, you will have to go to a register, usually the first one, and ask the cashier for dry ice. It is helpful to both you and the cashier that you know how many pounds you want so that they only have to make one trip. Once you tell the cashier how much you need, they will go to the back and retrieve it for you and then you can make your purchase.

Most grocery stores that sell dry ice are very similar in the sense that they all require the assistance of an employee to purchase it. These stores keep dry ice in a special freezer in the back, away from customers. This is to preserve it for as long as possible and to maintain customer safety.

Dry ice can be very dangerous if not handled correctly, so grocery stores and other sellers usually keep it out of reach of the average customer. When purchasing dry ice, you will likely be warned about the dangers of it and how to store it before you get it. These rules are there to ensure everyone's safety.

How to Find Out If Your Local Fred Meyer has Dry Ice for Sale

Sometimes, a Fred Meyer might not carry dry ice at the time you go in to purchase it, so it is important to learn beforehand if the location near you carries dry ice or not. There is more than one way to do this, so keep reading.

The first way to check if your local Fred Meyer carries dry ice is to check their website. Like most business websites nowadays, Fred Meyer's website has a feature where you can put in your zip code to check for items at a specific location. You can use this feature to search for dry ice at your location, and you can check the price as well. This is a great way to do it if you do not feel comfortable calling your local Fred Meyer store. Unfortunately, it might not show up on the website because it is a special item that is not on the regular shelves.

The other way to check if a Fred Meyer location near you has dry ice or not is to call the store. This is the easiest way to find out for certain if your local store has dry ice for sale. When you call the store, a knowledgeable employee can let you know if they carry dry ice, how much they sell it for, and where to go in the store to purchase it.

Why Doesn't Fred Meyer Always Have Dry Ice

Sometimes, Fred Meyer doesn't have dry ice in store. This is normal for many grocery stores that sell dry ice, and there are several reasons why this might be the case. A high demand for dry ice and a seasonal stock are both reasons why you might not be able to find dry ice at your local Fred Meyer.

The first reason that there might not be dry ice available at your local Fred Meyer is that there is a very high demand for it and it has sold out! During certain times of the year, like Halloween, there is a very high demand for dry ice and Fred Meyer, cannot keep up with the demand. During these times, it's common for them to run out. This is why it is important to call the store before you go and make sure they have it in stock. Although they might usually have it, they may currently be out of stock.

The other huge reason for Fred Meyer not having dry ice is that it might just be a seasonal item at your location. If dry ice is only a seasonal item, then Fred Meyer won't outside of those limited months when it is needed and sold. Typically, dry ice is sold in the fall because so many people want to put it in drinks during Halloween to make them festive and spooky. It's also easy to find dry ice during summer months because it can be used to keep things cool for long periods of time. (Source)

Outside of summer and fall, it can be hard to sell dry ice so the store might opt to not have to store it for the majority of the year. Before you go to Fred Meyer to purchase dry ice, call your local store and ask if it is in stock.