Video: Real vs Fake Hydro Flask 3 Day Ice Test – Which Holds Ice Better?


how does a real hydrofloss compared to a fake one when it comes to how long it can actually hold ice so I've got my ice here this one's fake and so is this one and the other three are real so how do the fake ones compare to the real hydrofloss in terms of how long they can hold ice so I'm going to go ahead and fill them up and start the test okay so we've got them filled up with ice the big 32-ounce ones all fit 74 cubes of ice the 18-ounce fit 35 cubes of ice and this 12-ounce fit I think it was 24 or 26 cubes of ice so it's 1 p.m. now we're going to go ahead and pop the lids on these and then see how long they can keep ice for and we'll be back every couple of hours to check on it it's now 5:30 p.m. so it's been 4 and a half hours the light isn't great here sorry but as you can see these are the two fake ones there's still a lot of ice left in there hardly been any ice melt this is the real one that's the same size as those can't really tell any difference yet and the smaller ones here can see a bit more ice melt in that one and some in there but they're all holding up really well four and a half hours in I'll check them again in the morning so it's now 9:00 a.m. the next morning it's been about 20 hours and as you can see there's still a lot of ice left both in the fake ones as well as in the real one in fact the fake ones might actually have a tiny bit more ice than the real one of the same size and if we look at the smaller sizes here we can see about half the ice has gone in there and in the smaller size you can see just a little bit of ice left so that's 20 hours so it's now 1:00 p.m. the next day it's been a full 24 hours and as you can see still a lot of ice in each the fake hydrofloss performing just as well as the real hydrofloss of the same size and if we look at the small hydro flash you can see that they're starting to run out of ice but they all easily made it a full 24 hours will probably make it two days maybe even longer at the rate that they're going okay so it's now the next day it's been one day in nineteen hours since we started and as you can see the fake hydrofloss are still holding ice really well very similar to the real hydrofloss of the same size I can't really tell any difference between those ones if we look at the smaller hydrofloss we can see that that 18 ounce still has a bit of ice left in there but the ice is mostly gone and if we have a look at the 12 ounce we can see that the ice has completely melted which makes sense because it started with just 12 ounce of ice versus 32 ounce but it's definitely clear that the fake hydrofloss are definitely vacuum insulated and holding ice just as well as a real hydro floss which is really interesting to see it's now been a complete 48 hours or two days and these things still have ice in them the fake ones still going strong probably about half of their ice the same with the real hydro floss the 18 ounce hydro fly still has a little bit of ice left in there but not a whole lot but these things might go three or even four days this is absolutely insane so it's now 9:00 a.m. the next day so it's been two days and 20 hours and we can see that crazily there is still ice left in all of these the fake ones and the real hydro floss still have a decent amount of ice left in there as you can see so these will definitely go a full three days which is way more than I expected we've run out of ice in the 18 ounce and as we know the 12 ounce has run out a while ago it's been a full three days now it's one o'clock again and as you can see still ice I don't believe there is still ice in these it may look like the real hydro floss here that's got quite a big chunk of ice all the way down to the bottom we look at the fake ones still quite a lot of ice in there but maybe not quite as much but it's really really close we'll keep it going so it's now 9:30 at night it's been three days eight and a half hours and I think this is going to end the test I actually don't know if there's any ice left in either of these but we're going to go and see if there is and this will probably end the test here so should we start with a real one we'll start with the fakes let's go ahead and start with the fakes in the first one we can see that there's no ice left at all in the second one oh there's a tiny bit of ice in there as you can see so a slight difference in performance between these two that's really cool to see and then in the hydro floss the real one we can see that chunk of ice there the difference between these two you know very small the hydro floss is outperforming the fakes but just look how close they are so close in how much ice is left and obviously this fake is all out of ice for some reason so it's now 8:00 a.m. the next day so three days 19 hours and just the final test to look at the temperatures on the insides of these so if we start with the real Hydra flask here we can see that it's three point four degrees Celsius 38 degrees Fahrenheit if we move over to one of the fake ones we can see it's a bit more at 40 to 43 degrees or about 6 degrees Celsius and then if we go to the final fake one we can see that it's about 44 45 or about 7 degrees Celsius so the real hydro floss definitely performs better as you can see it's definitely colder than the two fake ones but the difference is so small it's hardly noticeable but a really cool ice test went way longer then I thought it would go and I hope that you've enjoyed while here show that you subscribe for more future videos like this and go ahead and check out the video that I did on how you can tell the difference between a real hydro flask and a fake hydro floss one of the things is the difference in the logo and there's a bunch of other ways that you can tell which are outlined in that video so go ahead give that one a watch otherwise until next time stay cool