How Much Does Resveratrol Cost in Australia? Price per gram

Like a lot of people I've recently become extremely interested in longevity research and supplements and molecules that may helps up to live longer and healthier lives.

One of the molecules that seems extremely promising is resveratrol that occurs naturally in things like red wine, grape skins and some types of berries.

It can help with things like high cholesterol and heart disease but I'm most interested in it's ability to help me age slower and live longer.

Dr David Sinclair, author of the book Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To has stated in multiple interviews that he takes approximately 1,000 mg (1 gram) of resveratrol in yoghurt. He also said he takes approximately 1,000 mg (1 gram) of NMN per day. I covered how much NMN costs in Australia here.

It can be really tough to work out how much resveratrol costs in Australia. Each brand has different strengths, different capsule amounts as well as bundle deals.

Given that David takes 1 gram per day I wanted to work out roughly how much resveratrol costs per gram for each brand so I can make a more educated decision.

Please note: I have not tested all of these to prove their efficacy but rather just done some price research as a starting point. Some of these links are affiliate links.

BrandQuantityMicronized?PricePrice per Gram
Harmoni-T60 capsules x
240 capsules x
Eternum Labs30 casules x
Novoceuticals90 grams
bulk powder
30 capusules x
Resveratrol For
240 capsules x
Bulk Nutrients480 capsules x
Vitamin Grocer60 capsules x
iHerb120 capsules x

Brands on Amazon

Below are a bunch of brands on, most of which seem to be being imported from the US.

Prices on Amazon fluctuate regularly so I've haven't listed the prices here but I did do a calculation at the time of writing this article as to the estimated price per gram at the write of writing.

This may vary today but it should give you a rough guideline.

Personally I am a bit skeptical of some of these brands purchased through Amazon and some of them seem too cheap to be real. But I'll leave it up to you to do more research:

BrandQuantityMicronized?PriceEst. price
per Gram
Toniq60 capsules x
We Like Vitamins180 capsules x
Maac10180 capsules x
Dr Martin's Nutrition180 capsules x
Genex Powder30 grams
bulk powder
Purely Beneficial180 capsules x
Prima Vita90 capsules x
MegaResveratrol120 capsules x
Doctor's Best60 capsules x

What Type of Resveratrol? Cis or Trans?

There are two common types of resveratrol. Trans-resveratrol and cis-resveratrol. While I don't know the difference between the two David Sinclair states in this interview (45m12s) that he takes the trans-resveratrol as the cis-resveratrol didn't have good results in studies.

“I go for the trans, because when we gave the cis for the sirtuin enzyme it didn't activate it but the trans worked brilliantly”

I believe he has also stated in other interviews (but I can't find it at the moment) that you want to get a high-purity resveratrol. From what I can see there are 50% purity and 99% purity options so I personally go for the 99% purity.

Micronized vs Non-Micronized Resveratrol

Micronized resveratrol is when the diameter of a solid substances is reduced to only a few micrometers or nanometers.

It has been shown that in many cases the body can absorb substances compiling of smaller particles more easily than larger particles.

This study on micronized resveratrol showed an estimated 3.6 increase in absorption compared to similar studies that used non-micronized resveratrol.

Don't Just Take Resveratrol Capsules, Mix With Fat

In the above interivew David Sinclair states he has been taking about 1 gram of resveratrol per day in his yoghurt and has been taking it since 2003.

Given that interview was late 2019 that means he's been taking it for about 17 years and he looks great.

“There are 2 problems with resveratrol. One is it's really insolluble. So if you just give it as a dry powder to an animal or a human it's less likely to get absorbed, we know that as fact. Include it with a bit of fat and it'll go up 5-10 fold in the bloodstream”

This study showed that resveratrol mixed with piperine (an alkaloid found on black pepper) increased absorption significantly.

I wasn't able to find any studies on how much resveratrol is absorbed into the bloodstream when combined with some fat but I did see some news articles about it being absorbed better when eaten with a well balanced meal.

How To Store Resveratrol

It's important to know that resveratrol is light sensitive and needs to be stored in the dark. So you'll want to buy resveratrol that is kept in opaque containers and kept in a cool dark place.

I personally keep mine in the fridge, I'm not sure if this is required but I do it just in case.

“And the second problem with resveratrol is that it's light sensitive. And so those people who, researchers who, put it in a plate with worms and didn't treat the molecule with respect it goes brown it goes off. It's one of the reasons it's very hard to put into a cosmetic because your cosmetic will go brown. If you use brown resveratrol it won't work. You've got to keep it in the dark and in the cold and it'll be fine.


60 x 500mg = $49.99 = $1.67/gram

60 x 500mg (micronized) = $89.00 = $2.97/gram

240 x 500mg (micronized) = $267.00 = $2.23/gram

Click here to see the price of resveratrol at Harmoni-T

Click here to see the price of resveratrol micronized at Harmoni-T

Eternum Labs

30 x 250mg = $39.99 = $5.33/gram

Click here to see the price of resveratrol at Eternum Labs

Extra Lifespan

1,200mg “per serving” but doesn't state how many capsules per serving.

60 x 600mg = $25.71

180 x 600mg = $66.61

Click here to see the price of resveratrol at Extra Lifespan


30 grams bulk powder = $74.00 = $2.47/gram

90 grams bulk powder = $180.00 = $2.00/gram

Click here to see the price of resveratrol at Novoceuticals

Chemist Warehouse

30 x 100mg = $18.49 = $6.16/gram

Click here to see the price of resveratrol at Chemist Warehouse

Resveratrol For Life

Their most recent lab report is 2012 and the company that ran the report is not specified.

60 x 540mg (98%) = $38.00 = $1.17/gram

240 x 540mg = $120.00 = $0.93/gram

Click here to see the price of resveratrol at Resveratrol For Life

Bulk Nutrients

120 x 200mg = $39.00 = $1.63/gram

480 x 200mg = $119.00 = $1.24/gram

Click here to see the price of resveratrol at Bulk Nutrients

Vitamin Grocer

60 x 500mg = $104.03 = $3.47/gram

Click here to see the price of resveratrol at Vitamin Grocer


120 x 200mg = $49.61 (California Gold Nutrition) = $2.07/gram

120 x 600mg = $94.87 (Doctor's Best) = $1.32/gram

Click here to see the price of resveratrol at iHerb Brands


60 x 300mg = $33.81 = $1.88/gram

Click here to see the price of Toniq resveratrol at Amazon

We Like Vitamins

180 x 500mg = $37.23 = $0.41/gram

Click here to see the price of We Like Vitamins resveratrol at Amazon


180 x 250mg = $122.08 = $2.71/gram

Click here to see the price of Maac10 resveratrol at Amazon

Dr Martin's Nutrition

180 x 600mg = $33.80 = $0.31/gram

Click here to see the price of Dr Martin's resveratrol at Amazon

Genex Powder

30 grams = $101.37 = $3.38/gram

Click here to see the price of Genex resveratrol at Amazon

Purely Beneficial

180 x 302mg = $79.80 = $1.47/gram

Click here to see the price of Purely Beneficial resveratrol at Amazon

Prima Vita

90 x 333mg = $25.38 = $0.85/gram

Click here to see the price of Prima Vita resveratrol at Amazon


120 x 250mg = $105.01 = $3.50/gram

Click here to see the price of Mega Resveratrol resveratrol at Amazon

Doctor's Best

60 x 600mg = $71.33 = $1.98/gram

Click here to see the price of Doctor's Best resveratrol at Amazon