How Much Does NMN Cost in Australia? Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Pricing

Like a lot of people I've been very interested in the longevity research and suplements/molecules that can help us to live longer and live better.

One of the molecules that seems really promising in mouse and primate studies is nicotinamide mononucleotide. However, when I looked into getting some of this I found that it is extremely expensive, especially in Australia.

Dr David Sinclair, author of the book Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To has stated in multiple interviews that he takes approximately 1,000 mg (1 gram) of NMN per day as well as 1,000 mg (1 gram) of resveratrol in yoghurt.

He also stated towards the last 10-15 minutes of this interview that he still pays around $10,000 US per kg for NMN. This works out to a cost of about $10 per gram. The stuff he would be buying would be extremely high quality for science labs and testing. This was in November 2019.

At a US to AUD conversion of about $1.40 (where it is at time of writing) this is about $14 AUD per gram. If you wanted to take 1 gram per day for a year this would cost you $5,110 per year or $426/month. Not a cheap supplement.

So I wanted to go out there and look at the different NMN supplements available, how much they cost per gram and how much they would cost per month and per year in order to take them.

Please note: I have not tested all of these to prove their efficacy but rather just done some price research as a starting point. Some of these links are affiliate links.

100 g bulk powder$480$4.80/gram (AUD)
Eternum Labs
2 bottles
30 capsules x
200 mg
$119.97$10/gram (AUD)
Extra Lifespan60 capsules x
250 mg
$125.00$8.33/gram (AUD)
Full on Phenols60 capsules x
400 mg
$225.00$9.38/gram (AUD)
Elite Supps60 capsules x
125 mg
$189.90$25.32/gram (AUD)
Double Wood60 capsules x
125 mg
$164.09$21.88/gram (AUD)
Toniq NMN60 capsules x
125 mg
$73.87$8.22/gram (AUD)
AliveByNature240 capsules x
125 mg
$134.95 USD~$6.30/gram (AUD)
RevGenetics50 capsules x
25 mg
$37.95 USD~$42.50/gram

Eternum Labs

This was the first NMN supplement I bought and it comes in 30 x 200mg capsules. One bottle costs $69.97 and a 2 bottle pack costs $119.97.

This works out to $11.66/gram for the single bottle and $10.00/gram for the 2 bottle pack.

To take 1 gram per day it would cost $10.00/day, $304.17/month and $3650.00/year

Click here to see the prices of NMN at Eternum Labs

Extra Lifespan

I was super skeptical to try this brand as their website looks incomplete and their products don't even have descriptions.

However, they do have certificated from ACS Labratories, which I recognised as a lab we used to order tests from when I worked in a compounding pharmacy years ago.

They come in 60 x 250 mg bottles for $125.00 AUD. This equates to a cost of $8.33 AUD/gram. Not a bad price.

To take 1 gram per day it would cost $8.33/day, $253.37/month and $3040.45/year

They also have a deal where you can buy 3 packs of NMN for $350 AUD. This works out to a cheaper $7.78/gram.

To take 1 gram per day it would cost $7.78/day, $236.57/month and $2,838.89/year

Click here to see the prices of NMN at ExtraLifeSpan

Full on Phenols

I'll have to admit, this website does NOT look ver polished and their packaging design and logo does not look very professional. This makes me question the integrity of the product. Who know's what you're getting here.

However, they do provide certification from Intertek with a purity of 99.3%.

Their prices are also follows:

60 x 125mg = $75.00 AUD = $10 AUD/gram

60 x 400mg = $225.00 AUD = $9.38 AUD/gram

To take 1 gram per day it would cost $9.38/day, $285.31/month and $3423.70/year

Click here to see the prices of NMN at Full on Phenols

Elite Supps

This one was an ad that came up on Google when I was searching for NMN. It looks like they sell all sorts of supplements mainly focused around fat burning and body building.

This was the most expensive NMN I was able to find at a whopping $25.32 per gram.

Here are the price of their products:

60 x 125 mg = $189.90 = $25.32/gram

Click here to see the prices of NMN at EliteSupps


Novoceuticals sell NMN in bulk quantities and claim that their NMN is pharma grade and 3rd party lab tester for purity, heavy metals, microbial count and ethanol content. However, they don't say what 3rd party has tested it.

It's really cool that they test for more than just purity and it's also cool that you can get the powder so it's easier to take 1 gram daily.

With some capsules being 125mg you need to take 8 capsules to get 1 gram. With this you can just weigh out 1 gram per day and down it with some coffee like David Sinclair claims he does.

Here is the pricing of bulk NMN from Novoceuticals:

10g = $66.00 = $6.60/gram

100g = $480 = $4.80/gram

Click here to see prices of NMN at Novoceuticals

Double Wood –

Double Wood is sold on and is imported from the states.

You have to be really careful as it states 250mg PER SERVING but each capsule is only 125 mg. So while it looks like you're getting 60 x 250mg capsules you're actually getting 60 x 125 mg capsules.

Maybe this type of packaging is ok in the USA but I don't think this would be passable in Australia. It's also super expensive anyway so not worth it in my book. Here's the prices of Double Wood NMN:

60 x 125mg = $164.09 = $21.88/gram

Click here to see the prices of Double Wood NMN at

Toniq NMN –

This is another brand that advertises itself as 300 mg PER SERVING with each capsule actually only being 150 mg.

I purchase this thinking each capsule was 300 mg and was shocked when I received it which just made me disappointed in the brand and made me question the ethics of the product.

Even their website states:

Toniiq NMN capsules contain 300mg of the highest quality nicotinamide mononucleotide in each serving

As an Australian this feels so misleading and I've never seen supplements marketed like this. I'll put it down to being an American thing they are allowed to be sneaky like this.

Regardless of my shock this is still one of the cheapest options when it comes to ordering NMN in Australia. I couldn't find any third party testing on their site so I am cautious about this despite the good price.

60 x 150mg = $73.87 = $8.22/gram

Click here to see the prices of Toniq NMN at


You can have to careful with Tru Niagen as they come up when you search for NMN however their capsules actually contain NR which isn't made clear in the product listing you have to look at the images of what's in the bottle.

So while it may look affordable at around $50-72/bottle this is for NR, which is a cheaper supplement and not NMN.

AliveByNature – USD

Now we are stepping into the realm of ordering from in US Dollars and then getting it shipped to Australia.

Finding an AUD price per gram is hard here because exchange rates change constantly. For a simple calculation I used 1:1.4 for USD:AUD. So for every $1 USD it costs you $1.40 AUD.

I wasn't going to include these as they are harder to get, shipping can be difficult or expensive and a lot of people won't want to go through the hassle. However, some of these brands are extremely affordable so I thought it would be worth sharing for those wanting to take the extra steps to save some money.

Here are the prices of AliveByNature

12 gram powder = $56.95 USD = 4.75 USD/gram = approx $6.64 AUD/gram

240 x 125 mg = $134.95 USD = $4.50 USD/gram = approx $6.30 AUD/gram

Click here to see the prices of NMN by AliveByNature

RevGenetics – USD

This NMN From RevGenetics is the most expensive NMN I could find coming in at approximately $42.50/gram. Thats 4-5x the price of a lot of other brands listed here.

The capsules have a teeny tiny amount with just 25 mg in each capsule. To take 1 gram per day you would need to swallow a whopping 40 tablets!

That's almost an entire bottle per day. Here are the prices of NMN from RevGenetics:

50 x 25mg = $37.95 = $30.36 USD ~ $42.50/gram

Click here to see the prices of NMN at RevGenetics

Maac10 NMN – USD

At least with Maac10 NMN you're actually getting the stated 250 mg per capsule and you only need to take 4 capsules per day to get 1 gram of NMN.

They also have a testing certificate from Micro Quality Labs, Inc which, when I googled it seemed like a legit testing lab. So this gives me more confidence in this product.

Here are the prices for Maac10 NMN:

30 x 250mg = $39.99 USD = $5.33 USD ~ $7.46/gram

Click here to see the prices of Maac10 NMN at

MegaResveratrol NMN – USD

I found this brand when I was looking for the price of resveratrol in Australia and I cam across this supplier. They had the ability to buy NMN in bulk powder which I really liked.

25 grams bulk powder = $119 = $4.76 USD/gram ~$6.67/gram

250 grams = $1,080 = $4.32 USD/gram ~6.05/gram

Click here to see the prices of MegaResveratrol NMN