Does Vons Sell Dry Ice? (2022 Pricing & Availability)

Dry ice oftentimes is used to keep your food or drinks cold for an extended period of time, usually for a party or something of that caliber. If you are planning a party and leaning towards dry ice versus regular ice or you don't have access to a fridge/freezer then you may be curious if your local Vons carries dry ice.

Many Vons stores stock dry ice and it sells for an average of $1.99 per pound. Not all stores stock it and some stores only carry it seasonally in summer and fall. Sky Pointe Vons stocked it whereas other stores were either out of stock until summer or didn't carry dry ice at all. It's best to call ahead before purchasing.

Due to the recent high demand for medical purposes, season, and other factors, dry ice may not be available at your local Vons, chances are it is mostly stocked around summer when cooling of foods is needed more. It's also popular around Halloween since it can be used for decoration as a fog effect and in some drinks.

How Much Is Dry Ice at Vons

This can vary from store to store as Vons is located in California and a small part of Nevada and the price may be different in each state. For example, at the Las Vegas, Nevada Vons store it is being sold at $1.99 per lb., and 5 lbs. blocks are also being sold there currently.

Though it is not found on their website, the price should be similar between store to another on the price, though it might vary from state to state. If you are wanting to know the cost of your local store look up the phone number and give them a call to find out before you head over and buy some. Often, an employee can tell you more information and help you know if you need to go to the store or not.

Where To Find Dry Ice In Vons? Where Would Dry Ice Be

The biggest company when it comes to selling dry ice is Penguin Brand, and they have little freezers that dry ice is usually kept in if that's the brand being sold at the store, which it most likely is. Keep an eye out for this brand and look for the Penguin!

When you first go into the store you will most likely find the dry ice at the front of the store near the other iceboxes/machines probably up near customer service. If you are having trouble finding the dry ice, make sure to ask an associate on the floor or find the customer service station and ask them where it can be found.

If there is none at your local Vons and there is another one nearby you are willing to go to, you could ask an associate to make a call over there for you to find out the supply and price before you head over.

If you have no luck at your local Vons store, you can use this Penguin brand locator to find another way of finding dry ice, just enter your zip code in Where to buy dry ice – Penguin Brand Dry Ice® (

How To Find Out If Your Local Vons Store Has Dry Ice For Sale

First, you can check their website, email them/chat with them online but if that doesn't work, your next best bet is to give them a call. Just Google the closest store to you and find the number off of their website. If you don't feel like calling, you can just head to the closest store and look for the ice yourself, or ask an associate to help you.

Since there are 198 locations of Vons, 189 being in California and 9 in Nevada it might be helpful to check out the website for the closest Vons to the area that you are in, you can do that here by entering your zip code All Vons Locations | Pharmacy, Grocery, Weekly Ad. Once you have called them, go ahead and listen to the menu the recorded message offers and press 8 to talk to a customer service representative to ask your question.

Why Doesn't Vons Always Have Dry Ice?

When multiple stores were called in Nevada or California the store associate's answer changed on whether they had dry ice or not. One associate in the Fresno store said that they were out of stock and wouldn't be getting more until summer when it is usually in stock.

Another associate in a Las Vegas Nevada store said that they have never carried it, while the Sky Pointe Vons store said that they carry it and it is also in stock for $1.99 per lb. So it is always a good idea to call around before you make the trip so you are not disappointed. Make sure you know which store to stop by first if there are multiple options close by.

Dry ice is harder to store than regular ice and needs to be at a cooler temperature that a normal freezer cannot provide. The average temperature of a freezer is 0 degrees Fahrenheit and while normal ice will freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, dry ice needs to be much cooler. The average temperature dry ice needs to stay at so it doesn't evaporate is -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit, due to this, it needs to be shipped and stored correctly which is harder to do with those temperatures.

Also since dry ice is oftentimes a seasonal item, this is sometimes the reason why dry ice is not currently being stocked as it is used most around Halloween and in the summertime. There are also many other uses for dry ice and those might be why it could be low in stock or temporarily unavailable where you live.

Other uses include Halloween décor/drinks, keeping food and drinks cold for a long time, fixing a dent in your car (if you know what you're doing), removing floor tile, and even more, believe it or not!