Does Target Sell Dry Ice? (2022 Pricing & Availability)

For many people, Target is a one-stop-shop, full of almost anything you could need for school, home, clothing, and electronics. Target even has a grocery section for some quick and easy snacks and meals. But does Target sell dry ice?

Target does not sell dry ice. Dry ice is typically sold at larger grocery stores and food markets such as Walmart, Kroger and Publix. It can also be purchased online through various different retailers. Dry ice is not sold at Target due to the low demand and the danger that dry ice can cause.

Why does Target not sell dry ice? Continue reading to learn more about dry ice and where it can be purchased. You may not be able to turn to Target for this one, but there are plenty of other places to buy some dry ice.

Why Doesn't Target Sell Dry Ice?

According to the Target catalog, various forums found online, and calls to various Target locations, it became clear that this chain does not sell dry ice. Why is this the case?

Low Demand

Aside from Halloween time, dry ice is rarely purchased at any store. It is not something customers and consumers typically have a regular need for and it's more of. a novelty item. Because of this low demand, many stores (including Target) do not sell the product.

October is the peak of dry ice sales. Many people have festive drinks and activities that involve dry ice during this month. Dry ice causes an effect in liquid that causes it to bubble and creates clouds of white fog to pour out from the container. This white fog is cool to the touch and it's the perfect addition to a Halloween dinner party.

While dry ice is popular during the Halloween season, throughout the rest of the year, most people do not purchase it. This is due to both the danger dry ice can cause, and the hassle it takes to purchase this substance. To cool drinks throughout the rest of the year, most choose to either purchase regular ice from the store or simply make their own in a freezer.


Dry ice is very dangerous. The reason why dry ice is dry is due to the chemical makeup of the ice. Rather than being made from H2O (water) like wet ice, dry ice is made up of CO2 (carbon dioxide). While humans breathe out some carbon dioxide, it is not safe to be in a closed room with a frozen chunk of carbon dioxide. As the ice begins to “melt” and the thick white cloud is released, it is filling the enclosed space with carbon dioxide. Breathing in too much carbon dioxide can become very dangerous to humans, even fatal.

Just for reference to understand the danger of breathing in air that has high levels of Carbon Dioxide: Five minutes of breathing in air that has 7% carbon dioxide will result in death. Breathing one to two minutes of air with 6% carbon dioxide will result in visual and hearing disturbances.

To read more about the dangers of breathing in carbon dioxide and the effects it has on the human body, click this link to be directed.

While having dry ice at a Halloween party can be fun and harmless, it is extremely important to ensure the safety of everyone at the party. Keep a window or windows open in the kitchen to allow airflow for the carbon dioxide to leave. Watch out for the kids and pets. The gas released from dry ice floats down. Even when it is no longer hyper-concentrated and white, it is still in the atmosphere and can cause damage. Children and pets are closer to the ground, which means they are more likely to be breathing in the carbon dioxide that has floated down to the floor.

As a responsible adult, it is important to watch out for symptoms of carbon dioxide exposure in young children when dry ice is present. Headaches, impaired judgment, and impaired thinking skills are the beginning side effects of carbon dioxide exposure.

Dry ice can also cause serious burns if touched directly. The extreme cold of dry ice can cause serious burns on the skin of people who touch it directly. When handling dry ice, use caution. If a burn from dry ice exposure occurs, treat it like a burn from exposure to extreme heat or frostbite burn. Go to the doctor if the burn begins to blister or causes excessive pain and suffering. (Source)

Process of Selling it

Aside from the danger of selling the product and the low demand, Target may also not sell dry ice due to the process of selling it. First of all, the longer Target holds the dry ice in their store, the less product they have to sell. Dry ice reduces around 10% each day. To prevent this “melting” of the ice, it has to be stored in high-quality freezer containers. Especially because there is such a low demand for dry ice, Target may lose money if they attempted to sell it. (Source)

Stores That Do Sell Dry Ice

While Target does not sell dry ice, there are other stores in. your area that probably do sell dry ice. It is important to remember that while these stores may sell dry ice, it may only be a seasonal item they have for sale. Before going to the store to purchase the dry ice, call ahead of time. This allows you to confirm that the store does carry it, and they are in stock. Especially if you are planning on purchasing dry ice out of the peak season (Halloween time), the store may not carry it.

Common stores that sell dry ice include Walmart and Albertsons. Costco is a store that may sell it at certain locations. The most popular retailer of dry ice is Penguin Brand Dry Ice. This company sells its dry ice in popular shopping centers. The company has a public website with an option to locate the nearest dry ice retailer near you. Click the link below to be directed.
Where to Buy Dry Ice