Does King Soopers Sell Dry Ice? (2022 Pricing & Availability)

Whether you're looking for dry ice for a cool Halloween drink or just practical uses to keep your food cold, you may be looking for dry ice. If King Soopers is your go-to store, you're probably wondering whether or not you can get dry ice from them.

Most King Sooper stores do sell dry ice for around $1.69 per pound. The dry ice can often be found back by the meat department. If you are having trouble finding it, search for an associate in the store to assist you. It also might be a good idea to call beforehand to make sure it is in stock.

King Soopers is popular in some areas, so it makes sense that you would want to know if you can count on them to have dry ice in stock. Read below to learn more about King Soopers and how to get dry ice from them.

How Much Is Dry Ice at King Soopers?

Just like the price of many things, supply and demand can affect the price of dry ice at your local King Soopers. Dry ice typically costs $1.69 per pound at King Soopers. It is also not a bad idea to call and ask if they have it in stock. During this call, also ask about the price, which will help you decide if the purchase is worth it to you.

The average price of dry ice is around $1-$3 per pound, so it looks like at King Soopers you will pay an average amount of money. Below is a table that tells you how much you will pay for multiple pounds of dry ice at King Soopers.

Price per pound ($1.69) Pounds
$1.691 lb.
$3.382 lbs.
$5.073 lbs.
$6.764 lbs.
$8.455 lbs.
(Tax not included)

You can find dry ice in different kinds of packaging. Most come in 1 lb. blocks, but sometimes it is sold as pellets in a small bag. Dry ice often resembles regular ice when you buy it, but the telltale smoke will give it away. It will also need to be kept at a different temperature than regular ice. However, larger quantities of dry ice cost more than smaller quantities due to shipping costs. It will also shrink over time, so it may seem like you received less dry ice than you ordered.

Since dry ice has to be kept at a cooler temperature than regular ice, it is found in a cooler instead of the freezers you normally see in stores. Most dry ice is made and sold by the Penguin Brand. Penguin dry ice has a cool feature on their website that allows you to enter in your zip code to find what local stores carry dry ice. If you want to know where you can purchase dry ice, click here.

Where Can I Find Dry Ice In King Soopers?

A King Soopers associate will be able to tell you if there is dry ice in stock and where it is in your local Colorado King Soopers store. We asked an associate in a Fort Collins location, and they said that the dry ice is located by the meat department, which is usually towards the back of the store. Other locations may put their dry ice in a back storage room, or near the front near the ice freezer.

If you are having trouble finding the dry ice and didn't call beforehand, now might be a good time to find an associate on the floor and ask them if they have it in stock and where it is. If you can't find an associate, go to customer service where someone can tell you if it's in stock. They will either walk you back to it or bring it up to you if you know how much you would like.

Each store's stock will differ, so again it is best to call beforehand or ask an associate in the store before spending your time looking for something that isn't there.

How To Find Out If Your Local King Soopers Store Has Dry Ice For Sale

First, you can look on their website, although in this case, the King Soopers website did not show any dry ice for sale, it was only when one of the stores was called it was confirmed that they sell dry ice.

Due to the supply and demand and the care requirements that dry ice has, your local King Soopers might not always have it in stock. Call whichever King Soopers is closest to you to find out not only if they usually carry it but if and maybe how much that they have in stock.

Why Doesn't King Soopers Always Have Dry Ice

Believe it or not, since the start of COVID-19, dry ice has been in higher demand. The COVID-19 vaccine needs to be stored at certain temperatures that dry ice maintains. Dry ice stays at temperatures between -94 to -112 degrees Fahrenheit before melting.

For example, the Pfizer vaccine needs to be stored at -94 degrees Fahrenheit while the average temperature of dry ice is around -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to this fact, dry ice might not be as accessible to the public as it used to be, but this will ultimately vary depending on where you live. Dry ice will likely become more available to the public soon.

The lack of dry ice could be due to the season as well. Halloween and summer are the seasons where dry ice tends to be bought frequently.

Dry ice has to be kept at a very certain temperature to keep it from melting. Over time, dry ice turns into gas. This is dry ice's version of melting since it is made of carbon dioxide, and as it melts the gas escapes. This is what causes smoke to escape from bowls filled with dry ice.

While the dry ice supply is low for now, the supply of dry ice will likely increase as Halloween or summer approaches and the demand increases.