Can You Use E10 Gas In a Coleman Stove?

With E10 gas becoming more common (and being more affordable) you might be wondering whether or not you can use this in your Coleman stove or if you need to stick to the regular unleaded gas without the added ethanol?

Coleman dual fuel appliances are said to be ok for up to 10% ethanol, meaning they'll still work with E10 gas – but it isn't something you'd want to do on a regular basis. E10 gas has a higher octane rating than regular unleaded, doesn't store as well and can damage your burner over time.

You really only want to use E10 gas in a duel fuel stove when you really need to and don't have access to Coleman Camp Fuel or white gas (they are basically the same thing). White gas has less additives so won't clog up your generator and it burns cleaner and stores much better than E10 gas or unleaded gas.

While white gas is more expensive than E10 gas or regular unleaded gas ($7-$15/gallon vs $3-$4/gallon) you're unlikely to use more than a few gallons per year unless you're running your camp stove every single day.

5 gallons a year might save you $15-$50 but given that E10 gas or unleaded gas can clog your generators and potentially ruin your stove beyond repair I personally think the savings aren't worth the extra effort of cleaning and the extra cost of replacing parts or stoves in the long run.

However, if you're in a remote area and your white gas runs dry and you have no other options then E10 gas is fine to use in your stove. Just switch back to white gas as soon as you can.

It's pretty easy to get from places like Walmart and other hardware or department stores.

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Issues With E10 Fuel In Coleman Stoves

You can use E10 in your Coleman stove or any brand dual fuel stove, but it's something you should only use every now and again and not something you should use regularly.

While Coleman stoves are called “dual fuel stoves” in that they can run off white gas (or Coleman camp fuel) and unleaded gas. But really they are designed for the more pure and cleaner burning white gas.

The issues with E10 gas are similar to the issues with using unleaded gas in general.

The biggest issue is the additives in the gas that will clog up your generator, meaning you need to clean it more often and this can be quite a difficult process.

Also, E10 fuel in other appliances does have some issues with dissolving long dormant gum and varnish residues and this could potentially cause certain types of older rubber gasket materials to deteriorate more quickly.

It can also draw moisture and potentially cause corrosion if left in your tank for an extended period of time. So if you're using E10 gas in your burner or lantern then use it for a short period and if you're storing your burner make sure to remove the E10 gas from it. Don't store it in there long term.

E10 gas doesn't store that well for long periods of time anyway.

While Coleman fuel can last up to 10+ years when stored well many people say E10 starts degrading in a couple of months, burns terribly at the 1 year mark and within a few years won't even burn anymore. However, this does depend on how it is stored as it can last years when stored correctly in the correct tanks.

Overall, E10 gas isn't the best Coleman camp fuel replacement and I would personally opt for regular unleaded gas over E10. Especially considering I'd just be buying a small amount.

However, if E10 is all there is or I'm syphoning from my car or borrowing some gas from a friend I certainly wouldn't be afraid to use it.