8 Problems With Burnout Mug

The Burnout Mug is specifically designed to keep drinks at the perfect drinking temperature (around 140ºF) all day long. They are great mugs with a high quality build but as with all products they aren't perfect and do have some issues you should be aware of.

This list of burnout mug problems is not designed to say “this is a bad mug don't get it”. I actually really like this mug and think it'll be a good option for some people. I just want you to be aware of some of the potential downsides so you can make the best purchasing decision for you.

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1. Price

The most obvious problem with the Burnout Mug is the price. At around $70-$80 depending on the size this is arguably the most expensive insulated mug on the market.

Yeti tumblers in comparison are a fraction of this price at around $20-$40 depending on the size and Ozark Trail tumblers are even cheaper again.

No other insulated mug has the phase change material that quickly cools down your drink to the right temperature though. So it's up to you if it's worth it.

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2. Unnecessary For Barista Made Coffee

The idea that your coffee won't be too hot is great if you're making instant coffee with boiling water or making a pourover coffee or having a long black that starts out too hot to drink.

However, if you like a barista made coffee like a cappuccino, latte or flat white then these aren't going to start out too hot to drink. They should be prepared at just the right temperature or the milk will burn and it won't taste good.

So if you're a coffee snob drinking milky coffees honestly the cool down effect isn't needed.

3. It's Heavy

Yeti Coolers Problem - Weight

This is one of the heaviest insulated mugs on the market. When it's empty it weighs over 1 pound which is some serious weight.

It's not THAT much heavier than a regular vacuum insulated tumbler but it may feel like overkill for some people, especially if you're travelling or hiking and trying to stay lightweight.

4. Issues With The Lid

The main complaints around this product have to do with the design of the lid.

While the lid screws on and is leakproof (which is a good feature) people have complained that it's hard to open and close, difficult to clean and that the sipping hole for the lid is too deep towards the center.

Because it so deep it causes hot coffee to hit your upper lip which can be scalding for some people.

There are also complains about the lid not being completely leak proof and it leaking. Plus then some people have issues with it sometimes flicking coffee in your face/on your shirt when you open and close the lid mechanism.

It definitely sounds like the lid needs some rethinking and a redesign.

5. Issues With Heating/Cooling

One of the main reasons you spend 2-5x a regular insulated tumbler is that this mug promises to quickly cool down your drink to a nice 140ºF (60ºF) and then hold it warm all day.

Some people complain about it not holding temperature all day. The solution to this is to preheat the mug with boiling water to heat up the PCM (phase change material) so that it insulates longer.

However, doing this means your coffee or tea isn't going to cool down quickly and it will still be too hot to drink after some time.

6. Doesn't Work As Well As Cup Gets Empty

As you drink your tea or coffee and your cup starts to get empty then the Burnout won't maintain temperature as well, which leads to some people finding the bottom of their drink to be lukewarm.

This is because the less drink you have the less thermal energy there is and the more air that is in the cup. The air takes away the heat.

So while it'll keep most of your drink hot for hours as you get closer to the bottom you may have to drink it quickly before it cools down.

To keep your coffee hot no matter how much is left you may want to consider a battery powered heated coffee mug.

7. Only 2 Sizes

The Burnout only comes in 2 sizes – the 12 oz and the 16 oz.

The 12 oz is great for a regular/large coffee with the 16 oz being good for an extra large coffee.

But there is no size suitable to the small coffee drinker (8 oz) and the maximum 16 oz size is a bit too small to use as a water bottle.

These sizes will suit most coffee lovers but if you want smaller or larger you're out of luck.

8. Only 2 Colors

The Burnout Mug comes in 2 colors:

  • Black with red accents
  • Red with black accents

Other brands of tumblers come in such a variety of colors it's a bummer that the Burnout only comes in 2 colors.

Should You Get The Burnout Mug

None of these problems are huge deal breakers for me and I still think the Burnout Mug is a good option for some people.

However, given the price and performance of this compared to the cheaper price of just regular insulated mugs I think most people would be better off just getting a cheaper insulated mug like Yeti or Ozark Trail and just leaving the lid off for a bit to cool it down.

Still for some people the quick cool down effect and ability to keep your coffee at a stable temperature for at least a couple of hours is a feature worth paying for.

It's still a great product and comes with a lifetime guarantee so if you want to get it by all means go for it.

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