Where To Buy Cheap Hydro Flasks That Aren’t Fake: Hydro Flasks On Sale

It can be hard to find them but with a little research you can buy cheap Hydro Flasks that aren't fake and are actually authentic.

Cheap Hydro Flasks aren't available all the time and sometimes you are limited in size and color selection, but you can get lucky as save as much as 25% on the retail price of Hydro Flask bottles.

In this article I'm going to show you exactly where to buy real Hydro Flasks for a cheap price so you can still get the authentic brand but save yourself some money.

Beware Fake Hydro Flasks

I first have to say that you need to be really careful of fake Hydro Flasks as there are so many out there.

Everywhere from Ebay to Craigslist to other fake websites or pop-up stores you can buy Hydro Flasks for a significant discount. The only problem is they are completely fake and not made by the Hydro Flask brand.

Almost All Websites and Ebay Listings Selling Cheap Hydro Flasks Are FAKE

Except under exceptional circumstances Hydro Flask does NOT work with purely e-commerce businesses.

On their dealer page they state:

We are not currently opening any e-commerce dealers

This means any website promising to sell you Hydro Flasks at a heavily reduced price are selling you fakes. Even if they say “authentic” or something of the sort don't believe them.

Many Of These Fakes Are In Colors Hydro Flask Never Released

Many of these fakes sell Hydro Flask bottles in colors that never even existed.

Look at the Black/White Hydro Flask in the image above. That is a color design that Hydro Flask has never done and so is clearly a fake.

Fakes Are Not Made The Same

While they might look similar and while they even might be vacuum insulated fake Hydro Flasks are not made the same as regular and real Hydro Flasks.

Hydro Flask use a proprietary sealant that is likely more expensive in order to create their vacuum seal. Cheap vacuum insulated bottles used LEAD to create this seal and this can leave traces of lead on your bottle which can be dangerous.

So while the fakes might look similar and work similar they are not made to the same quality standards.

Where To Buy Cheap Hydro Flasks and Hydro Flasks on Sale

I recently wrote an article about why most cheap Hydro Flasks are fake but there was a few exceptions to that rule.

I discovered when doing my research for that article that there are specific places and specific times when you can get discounted Hydro Flasks on sale.

1. Hydro Flasks Sale Page

Hydro Flask is regularly releasing new colors of their bottles as well as discontinuing old colors. This ultimately leads them to having some stock left over of certain colors that they want to quickly get rid of.

To do this they have a sale page where they offer up to 25% off the product's retail price.

Last month when I was looking at their sale page the only thing on sale was a single color of their tote and backpack coolers. No Hydro Flask bottles were on sale at all.

But this month I had a look on there and there were SO MANY different sizes of Hydro Flask on sale.

Even the most popular sizes 32oz, 40oz, 20oz etc were all on sale.

The catch is they were only available in limited colors and they weren't really the color I wanted. But 25% off can save you heaps especially on the larger sized bottles.

Plus you know you're getting an authentic product because it's coming directly from the brand.

Click here to see the HydroFlask.com sales page

2. Stores/Online During Special Discount Periods

For the majority of the year Hydro Flask does not let stores heavily discount any of their products.

Hydro Flask have what is called a “minimum advertised price” meaning companies cannot advertise to sell Hydro Flasks lower than this price. This is outlined on the MAP policy page.

This is one of the major signs and give aways that people selling cheap Hydro Flasks aren't authorized dealers because their breaking the MAP Policy set by Hydro Flask that all it's dealers need to abide by.

However, Hydro Flask does allow dealers to discount their products during certain periods and they state this clearly on their promotional details page.

Going to this page shows you exactly when stores are allowed to discount products so you can look out for these discounts at the different stores during this time.

When I looked at this page while writing this article I saw that in the US dealers were allowed to discount during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. This was also allowed in Canada plus Canada had some extra dates they were allowed to discount.

So check out that page and discover the dates then go shopping during that time and you're sure to find a cheap Hydro Flask on sale at one store or another.

3. Discontinued Hydro Flasks

On the promotional details page Hydro Flask also list what they call “MAP Break Allowance”.

This contains a list of discontinued Hydro Flask colors that stores are allowed to sell under the minimum advertised price.

At the time of writing this there were 5 different colors on this list. You can then search around and see if any stores are offering these colors at a discounted price.

Click here to see the list of discontinued Hydro Flask colors that are allowed to be discounted

See the full list of discontinued and limited edition Hydro Flasks (not on sale)

4. BEST PLACE TO GET CHEAP HYDRO FLASKS – Second Hand Used Hydro Flasks on Ebay

Failing the above the best way to get a real authentic Hydro Flask for cheap is to buy a real one second hand.

You need to be careful with Ebay as a lot of the listings for Hydro Flask bottles are fakes. However, if you specifically look at used Hydro Flask bottles then you can get MASSIVE discounts. Click here to see used Hydro Flasks on Ebay for cheap

Some of these bottles are dented, some of them are older model, but a lot of them are just pre-owned but still in really good condition and the owner is just trying to get a bit of money back for a Hydro Flask they no longer use.

When I looked at Ebay there were thousands of “new” Hydro Flasks, but probably most of them were fake. However there were 136 used Hydro Flasks are all looked completely authentic to me.

Some were even on for auction and likely to sell at a heavily discounted rate. Click here to see all the used Hydro Flask bottles on Ebay and grab yourself a bargain.