How Long Do IceMule Coolers Hold Ice? Plus Other IceMule Questions Answered

IceMule coolers sell a range of high-quality soft sided and backpack coolers that have a waterproof exterior and can keep ice for an extended period of time.

When I was looking into IceMule coolers and comparing them to other popular coolers like Yeti I had a bunch of questions that I struggled to find the answers to.

Like – how long exactly do IceMule coolers hold ice and where are the coolers made? Are they made locally in the USA or are they manufactured overseas?

I figured I would collate the answers here so if you have any questions about IceMule then the answers will be easier for you to find.

How Long Do IceMule Coolers Hold Ice?

IceMule Classic and IceMule Pro coolers use Polar Layer insulation and can hold ice for 1-1.5 days with regular use. IceMule Boss, Traveler and Urbano coolers use a Polar Plus insulation which works better and allows these coolers to hold ice for 2-3+ days.

IceMule coolers when completely full of ice and nothing else can keep ice up to 3 days, however this is very unrealistic and when they are only partially full of ice then they seem to get 1-1.5 days of ice retention.

They claim that by adding air into the insulation through their special air valve that it can increase the insulating ability of the cooler. I'm unsure if this actually works or if it's just a marketing gimmick.

Engel on the other hand have the HD30, which is the highest performing cooler when it comes to ice retention. They also have a valve on their cooler but it's a vacuum valve designed to take air out and create a vacuum. I'm unsure if these two coolers use different foam and thus the different recommendations, but the Engel HD30 keeps ice a lot longer than IceMule. Click here to see just how long the Engel HD30 holds ice…it's actually insane!

IceMule are not the best performing soft sided cooler on the market and almost every other high-end soft sided cooler has better ice retention. But their ice retention is still decent and their coolers sell for a great price so are still worth considering.

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Where Are IceMule Coolers Made? Are IceMule Coolers Made In The USA?

No, IceMule coolers are NOT made in the USA but instead are made overseas. They don't clearly state what country their coolers are made in but I would personally assume they are made in China.

IceMule stated on their kickstarter page in 2013:

December 2013 / January 2014:  Production run is complete; container is loaded and ready to ship.”

Given than a container needs to be loaded and shipped it is clear that these coolers are not made in the USA.

On their kickstarter they also state that they cannot afford to do inspections of their manufacturing facilities – again making me assume these facilities are overseas.

They also talk about how their manufacturer is ISA Compliant Certified and makes products for Disney, Target, Lowes and many other retail companies. All of who are known to manufacture products outside of the US.

IceMule also don't advertise their products being made in the USA, which is something almost every company who makes a USA cooler does. It's a point of difference and a point of pride so given that IceMule don't talk about this I assume their products aren't made locally.

So it's pretty clear to me that IceMule products are made overseas, but so are most soft sided coolers – including coolers from Yeti, Engel and RTIC.

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What's The Difference Between IceMule Classic and Pro Coolers?

IceMule Classic and IceMule Pro looks very similar but they sell for different prices and have a few different features.

So what exactly is the difference between the IceMule Classic and the IceMule Pro as well as what different features to the IceMule Boss, Traveler, Urbano and Jaunt have to set them apart?

There are only 4 main differences between the IceMule Classic and the IceMule Pro

Sling vs Backpack

The IceMule Classic has a shoulder sling for carrying while the IceMule Pro has padded backpack straps with a sternum clip.

The IceMule pro also has mesh on the exterior to make it more comfortable and breathable on your back.

Exterior Fabric

The IceMule Pro uses a thicker 1000-denier tarpaulin fabric that is completely waterproof and is stronger and more durable than the fabric on the IceMule classic.

The IceMule Classic does have a waterproof exterior, it is just a thinner different material to the IceMule Pro.

Front Bungee Chord

The IceMule Pro features a bungee chord on the front for carrying other items.

Smaller vs Larger Sizes

The IceMule Classic comes in smaller sizes when compared to the IceMule Pro.

Classic starts at 9L with the Classic Mini and goes up to 20L with the Classic Large.

The Pro starts at 23L with the Pro LG and goes up to 40L with the Pro XX LG.

IceMule Classic

Sling carry strap

Thinner external fabric

No bungee chord

9L – 20L capacity

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IceMule Pro

Backpack carry straps

1000D thicker tarpaulin fabric

Front bungee chord

23L – 40L capacity

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IceMule Pro coolers are a bit more expensive than the IceMule Classic coolers as you can see from the comparison chart below:


IceMule Mini 9L: See latest price at

IceMule Small 10L: See latest price at

IceMule Medium 15L: See latest price at

IceMule Large 20L: See latest price at


IceMule Pro LG 23L: See latest price at

IceMule Pro XL 33L: See latest price at

IceMule Pro XXL 40L: See latest price at

IceMule Boss

The IceMule Boss is a rectangular backpack (instead of round) and has 3 waterproof external pockets.

It also features better insulation and can hold ice for up to 3 days (compared to 1-1.5 days for the IceMule Classic/Pro).

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IceMule Traveler

The Traveler is a Duffel style cooler with a large 35L capacity. It has thick insulation allowing it to keep ice for 2-3 days and has a waterproof zipper instead of the roll down design of all other IceMule coolers

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IceMule Urbano

The Urbano is another backpack from IceMule made to look less like a cooler and more like a regular backpack.

It has a clip down lid which hides the leak proof roll down top from view and has multiple exterior pockets.

It can also keep ice for 3+ days compared to 1+ days for the IceMule Classic/Pro coolers.

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IceMule Jaunt

The jaunt is basically just an IceMule Classic mini, but instead of having the sling it has backpack straps. It also have a front zipper pocket for small items you want to keep dry

The Jaunt also comes in a bunch of funky colors. This is a really great soft-sided cooler for girls who are looking for something small, lightweight and trendy.

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What Is The Capacity Of IceMule Coolers?

IceMule coolers start at a 9L capacity with the IceMule Classic Mini and the IceMule Jaunt backpack. The largest size is the IceMule Pro XX LG which has a 40L capacity.

Below you can see the capacities and empty weights of every IceMule coolers

CoolerCapacityEmpty Weight
Classic Mini9L1.4 lbs
Classic Small10L1.6 lbs
Classic Medium15L2 lbs
Classic Large20L2.1 lbs
Pro LG23L3.2 lbs
Pro X LG33L3.5 lbs
Pro XX LG40L3.8 lbs
BOSS30L7.5 lbs
Traveler35L5.1 lbs
Urbano30L4.0 lbs
Jaunt9L1.3 lbs

Are IceMule Coolers Better Than Yeti?

No, Yeti coolers outperform IceMule Classic and Pro coolers in ice retention and they are more durable and easier to use. Yeti are also 100% waterproof whereas IceMule states that water can leak out of the top of their cooler, despite it having the same roll-down design that dry bags use.

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The only way IceMule coolers are better than Yeti is in their price. They are significantly cheaper than Yeti coolers so for someone shopping for a good cooler on a budget IceMule could be a good option.

Below you can see a full price comparison between IceMule coolers and Yeti coolers and see just how much more affordable they really are:

IceMule Coolers

IceMule Mini 9L: See latest price at

IceMule Small 10L: See latest price at

IceMule Medium 15L: See latest price at

IceMule Large 20L: See latest price at

IceMule Pro LG 23L: See latest price at

IceMule Pro XL 33L: See latest price at

IceMule Pro XXL 40L: See latest price at

Yeti Hopper

Yeti Hopper Flip 8: See the latest price at

Yeti Hopper Flip 12: See the latest price at

Yeti Hopper Flip 18: See the latest price at

Yeti Hopper M30: See the latest price at

Yeti BackFlip 24: See the latest price at

What's The Warranty On IceMule Coolers?

IceMule offer a 90 day warranty on their products. Their site in the US says that if you are unhappy with your cooler for any reason you can return it within 90 days for a replacement.

However, the Australian site says you can return it within 90 days for a full refund.

After 90 days however there is no known warranty on this product.

Yeti coolers offer a 3-year warranty on their coolers and brands like Engel and RTIC offer at least a 1-year warranty. So 90-days is one of the worse soft-sided cooler warranties I have seen.

What's The Difference Between and IceMule Coolers and a Dry Bag?

IceMule coolers are very similar to dry bags just with insulation to keep keep things cold. IceMule cooler bags use a Polar Layer insulation that can hold ice for 1-1.5 days whereas a regular dry bag will like have no insulation at all.

They both have waterproof exterior fabrics that don't let any water in and a roll down top design that helps to stop water getting in through the top opening of the bag.

IceMule however do not claim to be 100% waterproof. They even state on their website that some water can leak out of a rolled down top if the cooler is left upside down, although only a little bit.

If water can leak out then presumably water can leak in as well so make sure you test your IceMule first before you take it in the water with all your gear that can't get wet.

However, IceMule coolers do float, even when fully loaded so chances are the top won't be fully submerged and thus won't let any water in, keeping your items inside fully dry.

Are IceMule Coolers Completely Water Proof?

While the exterior of IceMule coolers are completely waterproof the cooler itself can leak a little bit if tipped upside down.

On their website IceMule state”

“While our roll-top ensures easy access and is excellent at keeping contents insulated and ice cold, there will be moderate leakage if the cooler is tipped over for an extended period of time (gravity is a pretty powerful force). If you know your cooler is going to be tipped over for a long period of time, we recommend using ice packs instead of ice.”

Can You Use Dry Ice In An IceMule Cooler?

You SHOULD NOT use dry ice in your IceMule cooler. The inner lining with get stiff and the dry ice may even burn through or melt/crack the interior lining rendering it useless.

If you want to transport dry ice it is recommended you use a hard-sided cooler.

Check out this article on how to use dry ice in a cooler

Who Started IceMule and When Was IceMule Started?

IceMule was started by James Collie back in 2009 when he started selling the IceMule Classic 20L cooler.

On their website they talk about how the inspiration for the company came one day in Virginia when James made a makeshift cooler out of a day pack and double lined it with trash bags.

In 2013 the company set up this kickstart campaign and raised over $28,000 by 260 backers. This allowed them to expand their lineup and introduce new sizes of the IceMule Classic coolers as well as launch the IceMule Pro line of coolers.