How to Clean Hydro Flask Flip Lid (Remove Mold & Bad Smells)

Hydro flasks are popular water bottles that keep drinks hot or cold for hours at a time. However, water bottles need to be cleaned regularly, and the lids are sometimes difficult to clean because of the small spaces. Which brings the question, how do you clean the flip lid on Hydro Flasks?

To clean a Hydro Flask Flip lid simply put it on the top rack of your dishwasher. If it has mold and needs a deep clean, soak it in hot soapy water for 5-10 minutes to loosen debris and mold. Then open the flip lid and use a brush with strong bristles to get in the crevices and scrub away debris and germs.

If the flip lid has a straw, wash the outside of the straw thoroughly. Then, use a straw cleaner and soap to clean the inside of the straw.

Although it is easy to clean a Hydro Flask flip lid, there are some products that you should never use to clean it. You need to use gentle cleaning products when cleaning your Hydro Flask.

Cleaning Hydro Flask Flip Lid

The lid is the primary spot where mold and bacteria can accumulate. Because it's black it can often be a while before you actually notice it. So it's really important you clean your lid as part of cleaning your Hydro Flask bottle properly.

It is easy to clean a Hydro Flask flip lid, which is great because it won't take much time to do so, and you can continue with your day afterward.

How to Clean Hydro Flask Flip Lid:

  1. Remove the Hydro Flask flip lid off of Hydro Flask
  2. Soak flip lid in warm soapy water for 5-10 minutes
  3. Use a small brush, soap, and warm water to clean lid crevices
  4. If the flip lid has a straw, clean the outside of straw, then use a straw cleaner to clean the inside of the straw
  5. Rinse flip lid thoroughly with warm water
  6. Let air dry completely
  7. Put the flip lid back onto your Hydro Flask.

If there are stains on your Hydro Flask's flip lid or it smells bad after you have washed it thoroughly, soak the flip lid in a container with white distilled vinegar and baking soda. Only use 1/2 a cup or less of white distilled vinegar to clean the flip lid. Let the flip lid soak in the vinegar for 5 minutes, then rinse. For more details I've got a full guide on how to deep clean your Hydro Flask.

If it still smells bad or there is discoloration on the lid, use baking soda alongside the distilled vinegar, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. If the stains are stubborn, mix the baking soda and vinegar into a paste. Then, use a brush to spread the paste onto the stains and let sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Is the Hydro Flask Flip Lid Dishwasher Safe?

Hydro Flask flip lids are dishwasher safe, but they will last longer if you hand wash them. If you do put them in the dishwasher, make sure it is on the top rack. It may roll when you close the dishwasher, so make sure it won't roll off of the rack by securing it or putting dishes around it.

Never put your Hydro Flask water bottle in the dishwasher. The heat will damage the insulation and the powder coating.

I highly suggest getting a bottle brush for your Hydro Flask as these can make cleaning your Hydro Flask bottle as well as the lids quicker and easier. I personally own a Hydro Flask Bottle Brush but there are a bunch of great bottle brushes for cleaning Hydro Flasks and any will do.

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Also, Hydro Flask sells a Straw and Lid Cleaning Set that you can purchase alongside your Hydro Flask. It costs $9 and works for any Hydro Flask water bottle lid. It can be stored and carried easily, and you can even put it on your keychain. This brush set is durable, and the bristles are made out of nylon.

Hydro Flask only sells one Straw and Lid Cleaning Set. It comes with a black and blue straw cleaner and a short cleaning brush that you can use to clean the interior of your Hydro Flask's flip lid. It can be used on any Hydro Flask product, not just the flip lid for Hydro Flask tumblers.

If you don't want to purchase the Straw and Lid Cleaning Set from Hydro Flask, you can use any dish cleaning brush without issue to clean the flip lid.

What Not to Do When Cleaning a Hydro Flask Flip Lid

When you are cleaning the flip lid for your Hydro Flask, never use bleach or chlorine. These harsh chemicals will destroy the lid, and you will have to purchase a new one. It may also cause it to become discolored.

You can use lemon juice to remove tough stains, but avoid using it when simply cleaning your Hydro Flask's flip lid. The acidity from the lemon juice may cause the lid to become discolored, especially if it is not diluted with water.

Never use extremely abrasive materials to clean a Hydro Flask flip lid or Hydro Flask water bottles. Abrasive cleaning materials such as steel wool will scratch the lid and water bottle and damage it. It is never fun to drink from a water bottle that has a scratched lid, as the scratches cause damage to the plastic and may scratch you when you drink from it.

Try to only use dish cleaning brushes with relatively soft bristles so your Hydro Flask doesn't become damaged while you are cleaning it. You can find dish cleaning brushes that will work well and thoroughly clean your Hydro Flask's flip lid at most grocery or convenience stores for $2-$10.

Where to Purchase a Replacement Flip Lid

If the flip lid that came with your Hydro Flask breaks, becomes discolored, starts leaking, or is lost you can easily purchase a new one. Check out my list of the best Hydro Flask Lids on the market – this list features a bunch of Hydro Flask branded lids as well as some really good after market lids.

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Before you purchase a replacement flip lid for your Hydro Flask, make sure that it will fit the Hydro Flask that you have, especially if you are not purchasing it directly from Hydro Flask. You may be able to return the replacement lid if it doesn't fit your Hydro Flask, depending on what company you purchased it from.

Overall, it is easy to clean a Hyrdo Flask flip lid. All you need is soap, warm water, and a dish cleaning brush. If your Hydro Flask's flip lid has a straw, you will also need a straw cleaner. After you thoroughly clean your Hydro Flask's flip lid, set it aside to dry completely before using it again.

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