How Many Takeya Bottles Should I Drink Per Day?

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Takeya Water Bottles use a unique triple insulation system to keep water cold for up to 26 hours. Their insulated straw lid or chug cap makes it really easy to drink water all day long.

Having constant access to ice cold water has helped me and my kids stay better hydrated, even on those hot summer days at the beach. 

It made me wonder how many Takeya Water Bottles I’d need to drink to reach the recommended eight cups per day. 

If your goal is to drink eight cups of water per day, you should drink four 16 oz Takeya Water Bottles, three 22 oz bottles, or two 32 oz bottles. Just keep in mind, the exact number of Takeya bottles you should drink each day depends on the size of your bottle and your personal fluid intake goals. 

Below, I’ll show you how to determine the number of Takeya Water Bottles or Tumblers you should drink per day to reach your fluid intake goals. I’ll also teach you how to decide how much water you should actually be drinking on any given day. 

How Many Takeya Water Bottles Should You Be Drinking Per Day?

The number of Takeya Water Bottles you should drink each day depends on your personal fluid intake goal as well as the size of your bottle. 

I’m pretty active and end up drinking about a half gallon or more each day during the summer months. Two or three 32 oz bottles do the trick for me but sometimes it's a bit more and sometimes it's a bit less.

My partner shoots for the same eight cups a day, but prefers a much smaller bottle. Four 16 oz bottles help them reach their target. While my daughter recently has been aiming for one 32 oz bottle per day which I think is appropriate given her age and size.

The following chart can help you determine exactly how many Takeya Water Bottles or Tumblers you’ll need to drink to reach your own goal. 

Takeya Bottle Size4 Cups/Day8 Cups/Day1 Gal/Day
12 oz2.75.310.7
14 oz2.34.69.1
16 oz248
17 oz1.93.87.5
18 oz1.83.67.1
22 oz1.52.95.8
24 oz1.32.75.3
25 oz1.32.65.1
32 oz124
40 oz0.81.63.2
64 oz0.512

How Much Water Should You Be Drinking Per Day?

Some days I'm really thirsty and drink a lot of water (and feel I need it) and other days it's really hard to drink a lot of water. I don't feel I need it and it just makes me go to the bathroom A LOT.

The old advice to “drink eight glasses of water per day” is a reasonable starting point, but doesn’t adequately account for how individualized hydration needs really are.

For some, eight glasses a day isn’t nearly enough, and for others, it may even be too much.

If you live in a hot climate or live a very active lifestyle, for example, you’ll lose more water from perspiration. When I'm spending a day bushwalking in the hot sun, at the beach running around with my kids or going rock climbing with friends I'll drink a lot more than days I'm in my cool breezy house sitting at my computer.

Did you know that if you live at higher elevations, you’ll lose up to twice as much water through normal respiration than those at sea level?

In either case, increased intake is needed. 

On the other hand, for those who live a sedentary lifestyle in a temperate climate, eight glasses a day may be much more than is needed.

Rather than aim for an arbitrary intake goal, the average healthy adult can stay adequately hydrated by simply drinking whenever they feel thirsty.

Healthcare Triage did a nice job of summarizing it in the video below. 

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