How Many Hydro Flasks Equal a Gallon or Liter?

Hydro Flask bottles come in many different shapes and sizes and are usually measured in US ounces.

So how many Hydro Flasks bottles does it take to make a gallon or to make a liter?

It takes 4 bottles of 32 oz Hydro Flasks to make a Gallon, 6.4 bottles of the 20 oz and 5.3 bottles of the 24 oz size. The 64 oz Hydro Flask is half a gallon and the 128 oz Hydro Flask is a full gallon. The 32 oz is closest to 1 Liter at 946 mL.

Below is a table showing the different sized Hydro Flasks as well as their volume in mL and how many of each bottle you need to make a full gallon or liter:

Size Hydro FlaskVolume in mLBottles Required
To Make a Gallon
Bottles Required
To Make a Liter
12 oz355 mL10.72.82
16 oz473 mL82.11
18 oz532 mL7.11.88
20 oz592 mL6.41.69
21 oz621 mL6.11.61
24 oz710 mL5.31.41
25 oz749 mL5.11.34
32 oz946 mL41.06
40 oz1,182 mL3.20.85
64 oz1,892 mL20.53
128 oz3,785 mL10.26

Get Yourself a Hydro Flask

Hydro Flasks are a great way to help yourself drink more water and they can keep water ice cold for up to 24+ hours.

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