How Many Colors of Hydro Flask Are There?

Hydro Flasks are great water bottles that are known for keeping drinks hot and cold but they are also known for their bold, bright and fun colors. But exactly how many colors of Hydro Flask are there?

I've previously listed every Hydro Flask color as well as done a post showing all the old Hydro Flask colors so I have a pretty good idea on how many colors of Hydro Flask there are.

There are 11 standard colors of Hydro Flask, 2 extra kids colors, 3 unique Trail series colors giving a total of 18 main Hydro Flask colors. There are also over 50 limited edition and/or old and discontinued colors. When combined this means there are approximately 70+ different Hydro Flask colors.

Plus every single year Hydro Flask is releasing new limited edition colors and prints like their Parks series of Hydro Flasks as well as the Wonder series, Movement series, Ombre series and many many more.

It won't be long before Hydro Flask surpasses over 100 different total colors out there in the world.

What Are The Hydro Flask Colors?

Hydro Flask has a lot of different colors, but what are the main Hydro Flask colors currently being sold?

The current main Hydro Flask colors are Black, White, Cobalt (Blue), Pacific (Light Blue), Olive (Green), Watermelon (Pink), Sunflower (Yellow), Fog (Light Purple), Hibiscus (Coral), Spearmint (Bright Green) and Stone (Grey). For kids there is also Lemon and Frost (Baby Blue) and for the Trail Series there are the brushed metal colors of Clay, Obsidian and Slate.

Below you can see each of the colors as well as links to the colors on Amazon so you can see them in more detail and buy them if you want.

Is Hydro Flask Coming Out With New Colors?

Hydro Flask is continually coming out with new colors as well as limited edition colors and limited edition prints. This also means that they are often retiring old colors and discontinuing them.

One way to find out the latest colors from Hydro Flask is to check out the new section on their Amazon store.

You can also check out the Hydro Flask Limited Edition page on their website.