Engel Cooler 10 Day Ice Test Challenge – DeepBlue 35 Model

In this Engel cooler ice test challenge I see if the Engel DeepBlue 35 can hold ice for 10 days. How long do you think it will last?

Hey guys, Ryan here from huntingwaterfalls.com and this is my ice test for the Engel Deep Blue 35, which is a 35-quart cooler. I have pre-cooled this cooler using a sacrificial bag of ice 24 hours before and I have just filled it to capacity with ice and with a 6-pack of my favorite beverage, the Summer Lager. So we've got this ready.

This is meant to be one of the best coolers in terms of ice retention. So we will see how long this keeps ice for. I'll be opening it 5 times a day to simulate real world use. And we're going to put this to the test to see can it really hold ice 7 days or even more than 7 days?

So it's been 24 hours since we loaded up the Engel with ice and my pre-chilled beverages and if we have a look at it now, we can see that there is almost no ice loss at all. The Engel is doing really phenomenally well and it's not even one day. So I can see this lasting 7 days at least, if not more. This is really great in terms of ice retention. After 2 days, we can see that's hardly dropped at all. I'm really impressed with that. I think this is doing really, really, really well. Good work, Engel.

So here we are with the Engel on day 3, after we've broken up all the ice. And you can ahead and see that the water is actually almost on the top with this one. If I dig down just a little bit, that becomes like slurry. So here we are at day 4 of the Engel Deep Blue 35 and if we go ahead and open this one, then we can see that there is quite a lot of water on the top there. We can see that this is now just a mix of water and ice and it's struggling to hold the beers on the surface area there. So that's 4 days of the Engel 35.

Here we are on day 5 with the Engel Deep Blue 35-quart cooler. If we go ahead and open this and have a look inside, then we can see that this has gone to mostly water. If I stick my hand in, there is still ice all the way down to the bottom and that is still freezing cold. But as you can see, the beers are just falling straight to the bottom now, not enough ice to keep them on the top. So we'll see how this goes over the next couple of days.

Here we are on day 6 with the Engel Deep Blue 35 cooler. If we go ahead and have a look inside, then we can see that those beers are right down the bottom. Still ice on the top, but as you can see, the ice is starting to get quite thin on the top there. So, maybe another day, maybe another 2 days with the Engel. But, it's definitely starting to run out of ice on day 6.

Here we are on day 7 with the Engel 35-quart cooler. If we go ahead and open this up, we can see that there's still a little bit of ice in there, but it is thinning out. The ice is just floating on the surface and as you can see, it is mostly water. Still extremely, extremely cold. Those beers will be really nice to drink right now, but most of the ice is gone. I could see this running out tomorrow. If it lasts another day, I'd be very, very surprised.

Here we are on day 8 with our Engel 35-quart cooler. I thought, for sure, that this would lose ice overnight. Let's go ahead and see how it's going. It has gone against the odds and there is still a tiny bit of ice in there. Obviously, not much ice in there. The water is still extremely cold. But I would be extremely, extremely surprised if this can last 9 days. But, at day 8, there has definitely still got ice in there. So, well done, Engel, for lasting at least 8 days.

Here we are on day number 9 with the Engel and this ran out of ice last night. I checked it around 9:00, which is 8 days and 7 hours and it had 1 tiny piece of ice left in it. If we have a look at the temperature now, we can see that that's around 45 degrees or if we go to celsius, that's around 7 degrees. So it's still cold in there.

Those beers will still be nice to drink, but this is definitely the last day for it and it has run out of ice. So 8 and a quarter days, this one lasted.

Here we are on day 10 with the Engel. This ran out of ice somewhere on day 8 so it didn't actually make it to 9 days, but I thought it would be interesting to show you guys how the temperature has changed. So if we have a look at that, we can see that it's around 50 degrees now and if we change that to celsius, that's 10 degrees.

So it's still cold, but it's not icy cold. I can easily hold my hand in there without it getting sore. These beers would be fine to drink. But, yeah, it's definitely out of ice and if I put anything warm in here, I would be questionable as to whether it would actually get warmed up. That is the Engel after 10 days. It ran out of ice somewhere on day 8, so it didn't make it to 10 days. But still, water at 50 degrees on day 10.

So that's going to do it for our Engel Deep Blue 35 ice test challenge. This didn't actually make it the full 10 days, but it did make it 8 days and 8 hours, which is a really good result. This far outperforms any regular cooler and I really like this cooler.

I like how well-priced it is compared to the Yeti. A Yeti model of a similar size being $100 more expensive and so, it's a great cooler. I absolutely love the bottle opener feature in this cooler as well. So, all in all, it's done pretty well as a cooler. It's not the best performing of all the roto molded coolers, with the Pelican and the Yeti slightly outperforming it when I compare them side-by-side. But it does perform really well and it is cheaper than both of those. I would happily recommend it to anyone who is interested in Engel.

If you are interest in purchasing this cooler, I do have a link in the description below. Or, if you want to see my full review of this cooler, links will be in the description or you can go huntingwaterfalls.com/engel and you can see my full review of the cooler over there. So, in total, for this ice test, 8 days and 8 hours, pretty happy with how well it did. I kind of expected a little bit more from it from previous ice tests that I have seen, but all in all, it's performed really well.