Does Safeway Sell Dry Ice? (2022 Pricing & Availability)

Dry ice is great for shipping, cleaning, and parties. Whatever you need dry ice for, the real question is about whether or not it can be found sold at your local Safeway.

Safeway does not sell dry ice. It isn’t sold for specific seasons and it can’t be ordered online. Usually, dry ice, if sold anywhere, is about $1-3 a pound but it does vary by store. Safeway does have some alternatives to dry ice and there are other alternatives you can find online.

Although Safeway doesn’t have dry ice, we’ll talk about some alternatives to dry ice below. If you’re determined to buy dry ice, you’ll have to look at another store though.

Why Safeway Doesn’t have Dry Ice

Safeway, like many other stores, does not sell dry ice. Dry ice is complicated to handle and can be dangerous to store for long periods of time. You have to take specific precautions to keep dry ice in stock so it doesn’t become a pressurized gas. Companies like Safeway sometimes don’t want to spend so much money and time to stock dry ice if not many people will buy it. Selling it usually means they are spending a lot more to care for it than they are making.

Long story short, Safeway also doesn’t sell it because it’s dangerous. For workers, they would have to use special gloves and uniforms to keep themselves from getting hurt when they handle it. They must also be careful about where it is stored because that could lead to CO2 poisoning that can affect workers and customers. Understandably, Safeway doesn’t want to be sued or shut down for dry ice problems that lead to death.

Overall, it is just too much to handle and there are too many safety issues that go into using dry ice that could not end well for the company. Other places will be a better bet because Safeway has opted to not provide it in their locations.

Alternatives for Shipping and Keeping Things Cool

Considering that dry ice is so dangerous, it is best to look into alternatives. One alternative is reusable ice packs that can stay extra cold and frozen for a long period of time. Various companies such as Enviro Ice, Hydropac Freeze, and Thermonco sell long-term shipping ice packs that are great for keeping foods or certain items cold while they travel long distances. These are great alternatives that are less dangerous than dry ice. They are also a bit more flexible and aren’t as cold as dry ice, but will still keep your food from going bad.

Safeway does sell icepacks. These icepacks are meant for school lunches and medical reasons. They’re also great because they work well for taking lunches to school, work, or even a picnic. On hotter days you can use icepacks to cool down. They also are small enough to help reduce swelling for injuries such as a twisted ankle.

This alternative to dry ice is great for shipping, staying cool, and keeping food fresh. It is also an eco-friendly alternative because you don’t waste money buying more dry ice or buying ice cubes. You also don’t have to worry about the dry ice becoming a gas over time or worry about storing it safely. Ice packs stay cold and when they do eventually melt, they won’t make a mess.

Alternatives for Decorations

Around Halloween time, dry ice is something a lot more people are looking for. They want it in their drinks at parties or to create a smoky setting for a play; it is a must for a good Halloween experience. But if you can’t buy it at your local Safeway and it’s run out everywhere else, what is a good alternative?

Fog machines are a great alternative to dry ice if you still want that smoky effect. It creates a very similar effect, plus it’s less dangerous. Plus, if you use a fog machine regularly instead of constantly buying dry ice, you could save money. Fog machines are usually water-based and will dissipate faster in the air than dry ice. You don’t have to worry about CO2 poisoning with a fog machine.

Fog machines are better to run indoors than dry ice, but you should still keep windows and doors open to continually let fresh air in.

Alternatives for Food and Drinks

You must keep solid dry ice away from food and drinks because ingesting dry ice will kill you. However, if you do want the cool dry ice effect in a punch bowl, you can put it in there. Nobody should drink dry ice cubes in any way, just keep a brick at the bottom of your punch bowl. It will dissipate over time and won’t make the punch dangerous.

If you still want the effect without dry ice, you could use a water-based fog machine behind the drinks in order to give it that same effect without the risk of hurting anyone. For food, some people like the smoking effect it can have. Some businesses have created ice creams or little fruity treats that have the foggy effect but in your mouth.

This effect is typically created with liquid nitrogen, although making foods with liquid nitrogen is also complicated and somewhat dangerous. Eating food with liquid nitrogen should be done slowly to prevent freezer burn in your mouth or. digestive tract. happening in your mouth or anywhere along the digestive tract.

Alternatives for Blasting

Blasting is a form of cleaning. It is similar to pressure washing but instead of water, carbon dioxide is pressurized and shot out of a tube. It then forces dirt, and grime off certain surfaces. Although this is effective for cleaning off paint or rust on industrial machines, there are some alternatives.

Pressure washing is one alternative, although it isn’t as fast and you will have to worry about the products that shouldn’t get wet. Another alternative is laser blasting. This is a very effective alternative to dry ice, but it doesn’t provide enough pressure to remove all the grime or dirt.