Does Aldi Sell Dry Ice? Price of Dry Ice At Aldi (2022)

Aldi Grocery Stores is a chain that advertises quality products for low prices. They have a lot of fresh and healthy products that you can't easily find at other stores. However, some people wonder if they sell dry ice.

Aldi Grocery Stores do not sell dry ice at any of its locations. Dry ice is not an item that is in high demand and Aldi focuses on high volume commodities. Walmart, Kroger, Publix or other larger chains sell dry ice for $1-$3/pound.

So you can't find dry ice at Aldi. That doesn't mean you're out of options though! Here's a quick explanation of why Aldi doesn't sell dry ice, as well as some other resources to explore.

Why Aldi Doesn't Sell Dry Ice

Aldi Grocery Stores have a very particular selection of products, extending from fresh produce to frozen foods. Their stores are generally much smaller than the ones at Walmart or Costco, as they offer more specialty products to customers, often from local producers. Customers go to Aldi for good deals and wholesome foods, or to buy an item that they can't find at a larger supermarket.

Dry ice, though it is a rarer specialty item, is not in high demand. Except for the months of October, November, and December (in which dry ice is used to add smoke to seasonal decorations), dry ice is almost never sought out. Even during October, when the demand for dry ice is the highest, most people are already shopping for seasonal items at other stores.

Furthermore, dry ice is expensive to acquire and keep in stock. This solid form of Carbon Dioxide must always be kept below -109 degrees Fahrenheit, or it will begin to evaporate. This means that both Aldi's freezer and delivery truck must be outfitted with powerful freezers which could only be used to hold dry ice. Aldi has no other products that need to be kept at such a low temperature, so dry ice is not worth the trouble.

Aldi doesn't carry dry ice because there is hardly any profit to be gained from it. A pound of dry ice isn't worth much, as it is very easy to produce. Other stores sell a block of dry ice for as little as a dollar per pound, with the highest price is usually three dollars. Because the prices are so low at larger stores that have the freezers necessary to store dry ice, Aldi doesn't try to compete with retailers when it comes to dry ice.

The Risks of Dry Ice

One of the reasons that dry ice is not commonly found or used is because dry ice is a dangerous substance. As mentioned before, dry ice is formed at temperatures less than -109 degrees Fahrenheit. Such a cold substance can cause damage to the skin when they come in contact. Touching dry ice results in freezer burns or frostbite, so it must always be handled with thick gloves.

One of the main uses of dry ice is as a smoke producer. Dry ice is called ‘dry' because when it melts, it doesn't get wet or turn into a liquid. It is sublimated directly into a white gas. This gas is useful to create a certain spooky atmosphere (in a haunted house, for example). This is done by submerging dry ice in water. However, the gas is toxic to humans, and if too much of it is inhaled, it can cause dizziness, muscle spasms, and (if the carbon dioxide level is too high) suffocation and death.

Despite the threat of dry ice, the risks associated with it are small, especially if someone follows the appropriate safety guidelines. Besides adding a spooky flair to a haunted house, dry ice is used to keep things frozen, clean surfaces, and even exterminate rodents without causing any damage. However, people that use dry ice in these circumstances aren't obtaining it from their local Aldi.

Where To Find Dry Ice

Though Aldi Grocery Stores don't have dry ice in stock at any time, there are plenty of places that do carry dry ice, especially in October. Check with your local supermarket to see if they have a freezer full of dry ice that you purchase. Be sure to carefully read any and all safety instructions before you start using dry ice.

If you are having trouble finding a store nearby that sells dry ice, there is a website online called Penguin Brand Dry Ice that can help you find a store nearby that has dry ice. This website is especially helpful during the months of the year in which there are hardly any stores nearby that have dry ice.

How To Buy and Store Dry Ice

Once you find a store that sells dry ice, wait to buy it until the day that you need it. Dry ice evaporates and decays very rapidly, even in the coldest freezers. That means that if you try to buy some the day before you intend to use it, it will disappear. Wait no more than 2 hours before you will put the dry ice to use to purchase dry ice to ensure it won't melt a significant amount.

In a supermarket, dry ice is usually found in a freezer near the front of the store. Bring a cooler to hold the dry ice on your way home. The cooler should be empty of anything else, and it should be thickly insulated in order to keep the dry ice solid for as long as possible. You will usually need to listen to instructions and danger warnings in order to buy some, but it shouldn't cost more than three dollars per pound. Depending on the use you have for it, you may need anywhere from 1-50 pounds.

Keep the cooler with the dry ice in a well-ventilated area with the lid removed to prevent pressure buildup. Handle the dry ice with gloves at all times. If you take the proper precautions, you should have no trouble creating a foggy haunted house, spooky drinks, or anything else you want to use dry ice for.