Coleman Flip Lid 24 Hour Ice Test: How Long Can This Cooler Hold Ice For?

The little Coleman Flip Lid 5-Quart Cooler surprised me with how long it could hold ice for. I completely filled it up with ice and left it in the sun all day and left it outside overnight to see exactly how long it can hold ice in 80 degree heat.

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This got delivered it to my house yesterday – The Coleman Flip Lid Cooler – this is a little 5-quart cooler that you can fit up to six cans.

It's pretty cool, the top slides around and goes into place and has cup holders.

But what we're going to be doing today is actually testing the ice retention of this bad boy. We're going to fill it up with ice see how long it can hold ice for.

It's got a thin insulation in the walls, maybe 0.25 inches maybe 0.5 inches, the lid is actually empty and has no insulation in it, so I don't think it's going to hold ice for that long. But let's do the ice test and see how it goes.

Starting Point

We've got the cooler filled up with ice as well as one can of drink that was pre-chilled and we're going to leave it in the sun and see how long this can hold ice for.

Temperatures today are around 80 degrees.

1 Hour Mark

Here we are at the one hour mark we can see there's not much ice loss yet but there is a little bit and it is looking a bit wetter now.

2 Hour Mark

2 hours have passed and if we go ahead and open it up again still not a heap of ice loss in there. I can't even reach down to the bottom yet.

4 Hour Mark

We are now at the 4-hour mark, it's 2:10 in the afternoon, if we open it up to have a look we can see there's still a decent amount of ice in there but definitely starting to become more slushy and more full of water.

We'll be back in a couple of hours for the 6-hour mark

This Ice Test Isn't Sponsored

I will take a quick minute to say that this is not a sponsored video. I did actually buy this cooler myself however I will link up to it on Amazon if you want to grab it.

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That is my affiliate link and I do get a small commission if you purchase through there at no extra cost to you.

6 Hour Mark

It's been 6 hours now, the kids are home from school, so let's open the cooler and check it out. We can see that there's been quite a lot of ice melt now.

There is quite a lot of water in there however it has definitely lasted longer than I've expected.

8 Hour Mark

Here we are at the 8 hour mark and we can see it's now mostly water. There's still a lot of ice in there but it is struggling to keep the can on the top.

10 Hour Mark

Here we are at the 10 hour mark and we can see that there's still a good amount of ice in there and it's very very cold.

12 Hour Mark

We are just past 10 o'clock at night. It's officially been a full 12 hours and you can see that this actually still has a decent amount of ice in it.

It's thin ice on the top as you can see as I move it away you can see just the water there, but it has definitely lasted 12 hours.

I'm heading to bed we will see if this still has ice in the morning.

20 Hour Mark

It's now the next day and it's been over 20 hours. Let's see if this held ice overnight!

We can see it's still got a teeny teeny tiny bit of ice left in it.

21 Hour Mark – ICE GONE

It's now a full 21 hours last time we checked there was a tiny bit of ice left in there but now we can see there's no ice left at all.

The water is still really cold and the water really hurts my hand so it's still basically freezing water.

There you have it this little cooler was able to hold ice for over 20 hours now go ahead and click here to check out my full review on this cooler where I talk about the features, the price, whether or not it's leak proof and whether or not I think it's worth getting.