Can You Keep Beer in a Yeti Bottle?

Nothing beats a cold beer after (or during) a big day of adventuring. But there’s pretty much nothing worse than hot beer – yuk1

I know my Yeti bottle can keep my water ice cool all day, but does the Yeti work with beer too or will it damage my bottle (or the beer) in some way?

You can safely put cold beer in a Yeti bottle and the beer will stay cold and carbonated all day. Beer won't cause any damage to the bottle and there shouldn't be any metallic leakage into the beer – after all beer kegs are made from the same 304 stainless steel as Yeti bottles.

For the best results fill you Yeti bottle with extra cold beer and fill it all the way to the top – leaving little to no air space at all. This will ensure it stays cold longer but it'll also ensure your beer stays carbonated and fizzy right until you drink it.

One thing to be careful of is carbonated drinks like beer build pressure when they are kept in metal water bottles. Not so much that it'll damage the bottle but it may make the lid difficult to get off. If this happens check out these 12 ideas to open a stuck Yeti lid.

While you can put beer in a Yeti bottle, it isn’t a simple matter of pour and go. Various factors, like how much beer you put in the bottle and the pre-pour beer temperature, affect how well the bottle holds your beer. 

Is It Safe to Put Beer in a Yeti Bottle?

My friends and I agree: You can safely put beer in your Yeti bottle.

I've personally done it multiple times going on bushwalks, going to picnics or the beach and it works great.

Beer in a Yeti bottle stays cold, fresh and carbonated for a few hours at least – even on hot summer days.

Beer is made and kept in stainless steel vats and kegs so by the time your beer reaches you in a can or a glass bottle it's actually already spent most of its life inside a stainless steel container.

Yeti bottles are made from 18/8 stainless steel (also known as 304 stainless steel) and this is one of the safest products to drink from and it's resistant to corrosion. So don't stress about the beer ruining your bottle or the bottle ruining your berr.

However, I should warn you that Yeti bottles come with a warning label on carbonated drinks.

According to Yeti, their bottles aren’t intended for beer or other carbonated drinks because pressure builds in the bottle. 

The result is that you may struggle to remove the cap. But from personal experience this happens less with beer and other carbonated beverages when you drink them relatively quickly (within the day) and moreso happen when you leave those drinks in the bottle for days and it starts to grow bacteria and go bad.

So putting beer in your Yeti should be fine, as long as you don't forget about it in the back of the car and leave it for a week.

Does Beer Stay Cold in a Yeti Bottle?

Because you can't put ice in your beer (it'll dilute it) I have noticed that the beer doesn't stay cold for as long as iced water does. Yeti keeps drinks cold for a long period of time, but using ice is one of the best ways to keep your drinks cold.

My iced water will last 18-24+ hours before it starts getting warm whereas my beer might last anywhere from 3-6 hours before I start noticing it warming up.

Exactly how long your beer stays cold depends on various factors:

  • The outside temperature: Hotter temperatures mean you’ll drink warm beer.
  • The temperature of your pre-bottled beer: The colder your pre-pour beer, the longer it’ll stay cold. 
  • The bottle size: The larger the Yeti bottle, the longer your beer will stay cold.
  • How full the bottle is: A completely full bottle stays colder longer than a half full one
  • Whether or not you use ice: While regular ice cubes aren't recommend as they dilute your beer stainless steel ice cubes (whiskey stones) are a great option to keep your beer cold without diluting it.

On average, your beer should stay cold for at least four hours but if you use whiskey stones it can stay cold 12-24 hours just like iced water does.

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Will A Yeti Bottle Keep Beer Carbonated?

No one likes flat beer and there is no point taking beer with you if it's going to get flat.

To keep a beer carbonated you want a few things:

  • An airtight container
  • Minimum air space
  • A cold temperature

Yeti bottles are airtight and leakproof and the vacuum-insulation helps to keep the beer cold trapping in the carbonation so it's still fizzy.

For the best results you want your Yeti bottle to be filled to the top with beer with little-to-no air space at all. Otherwise the carbon dioxide will leave your beer and feel that air space in your bottle.

It's better to use a smaller bottle and have it completely full than a large bottle that is half empty.

So yes, a Yeti bottle will keep your beer carbonated. But you need to fill it to the top for the best results.

If you don't have the right size bottle for you beer (too big or too small) another good option to keep your beers cold is the Yeti Colster Can Cooler. You place your can or bottle of beer inside this and the vacuum insulation helps to keep it cold.

Yeti Colster Can Cooler

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How to Best Put Beer in a Yeti Bottle 

A Yeti bottle will safely hold your beer cool until you are ready to sit back and relax. However, knowing how to put beer into the bottle prevents pressure from building. 

Fill the Yeti bottle to the brim with beer. If you leave any space in the bottle, the carbon dioxide molecules will expand, and that’s how pressure builds. 

Depending on the size of your Yeti bottle, you may need to fill it with more than just one standard beer bottle.

I have a 26 oz Yeti Rambler, so I usually fill it with two 13 oz bottles of my favorite ale. Then when I get to the waterfall I can share the beer with whoever I'm hiking with by pouring it into glasses.

What About the Taste? Will the Stainless Steel Affect My Beer?

Yeti bottles are made from durable stainless steel, and it’s normal to wonder whether the metal will negatively affect your beer taste.

It won’t, and you can rest assured that your brew will taste like it came from a keg, bottle, or can. 

Plus, many beers are brewed in stainless steel containers, stored in kegs, and poured from stainless steel taps.

Some beer drinkers claim that beer from a metal water bottle tastes differently than beer from a glass bottle or can, but the science doesn’t support this.